Taylor Swift donated more than 700 million VND to help poor girls go to college

According to Daily Mail on August 21, a black female student called on people to donate money for college through a post on the fundraising platform GoFundMe. After hearing the news, Taylor Swift quickly donated 23,000 pounds.

Vitoria Mario (18 years old) dreams of becoming a mathematician in the future but cannot enter university due to financial problems. The black female student migrated from Portugal to live with relatives in Tottenham (UK) 4 years ago. She could barely pay for her studies while her father passed away and her mother remained in Portugal. After asking for help everywhere but receiving no response, she decided to ask the community to raise money for her to go to school through the fundraising platform GoFundMe. The amount of money that Vitoria Mario wants to achieve is about 40,000 pounds (more than 1.2 billion VND) to pay for tuition, buy supplies, learning equipment and living expenses for 4 years of university.

After reading the above female student’s appeal, Taylor Swift reviewed and decided to donate 23,000 pounds (more than 700 million VND) to help the black girl pay tuition. The singer of Look what you made me do did not forget to leave a message: “Vitoria, I read your story online, they really inspire people because of your motivation and your efforts to transform dream come true. I want to give you the rest of my goal amount. Good luck with everything you do. Best regards, Taylor.” In response, the 18-year-old female student expressed her happiness: “My mind was blown away when I read those words. I wondered how I could achieve the target number and now, the miracle has happened” and thanked everyone for their support.

Taylor Swift continuously puts money into her pocket to help many difficult situations


Previously, on the fundraising platform GoFundMe, Vitoria Mario said her goal was to raise 40,000 pounds to be able to enter the university gate. The black female student revealed that she is qualified to major in Mathematics at the prestigious Warwick University with impressive achievements. Vitoria Mario explained that she did not meet the criteria to borrow social assistance loans because she did not have a house, her family had a low income and was not qualified to support her studies. “Sadly, my father passed away and my mother is still in Portugal. Leaving her was a big challenge for me, but it was a legitimate sacrifice in the family’s mind. If you want to receive a good education like in England, you have to make trade-offs,” the poor girl expressed.

Before deciding to set up a fundraising page, Vitoria Mario sent emails to 442 people from leading companies hoping to receive support or useful advice, but they were all ignored or rejected without reason. “Desperately searching for a solution to my path, I went to the wealthiest post offices in London, including Kensington, left my story through letterboxes and sadly no one cared. coming,” the U.20 female student revealed. She said her dream of becoming a mathematician in the future not only opens up a better life for her family, but also inspires people in the same situation to be motivated to reach a better future, no matter what. addressing gender inequality, racism, immigration and financial barriers.

With help from Taylor Swift and many other individuals on social media, Vitoria Mario is getting closer to college


Not only famous for her quality music products, Taylor Swift is a star who works hard for charity and is very interested in social issues. In early 2020, she donated 1 million USD (more than 23 billion VND) to victims of the tornado disaster in Tennessee (USA). Recently, the 30-year-old singer also quietly provided financial support to help a record store in her hometown affected by Covid-19. At the same time, she did not hesitate to send money to support some fans to help them overcome the difficulties of the epidemic season.

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