“They’re done with her” – Former writer slams Ronda Rousey over disconnect with WWE fans

Former WWE writer Freddie Prinze Jr. spoke about Ronda Rousey’s future in the company.

Shayna Baszler and Rousey locked horns at SummerSlam in a singles match with MMA rules. Both stars showed their technical superiority and battered each other with vicious roundhouse kicks and knee strikes. Finally, The Queen of Spades caught the Baddest Woman on the Planet with the Kirifuda Clutch for the win via submission.

On this week’s episode of Wrestling with Freddie, the former writer claimed that fans knew Ronda was on her way out and didn’t show much interest in the matchup.

He suggested that The Rowdy One made it clear for a while that she wasn’t staying in WWE, and so fans turned their backs on her as well.

“The fans are done with Ronda Rousey. They’re done with her. They know she doesn’t care or at least she didn’t. So this match just, it was what it was and then it was over.” [From 16:05 – 16:14]

Freddie Prinze Jr. feels Shayna Baszler did her best against Ronda Rousey

During the same conversation, Prinze credited Shayna Baszler for doing her best to make the story seem real and compelling. He lauded the Queen of Spades for the promos in the buildup to the match against Rousey.

“I don’t know how this match was on the card instead of Becky and Trish or Rhea vs. someone. This is not a storyline that many fans had an interest in. They felt they owed Ronda one more, one more pay-per-view, or maybe they legally did. But this was never a story that was going to get over. That’s nothing to take away from Shayna Baszler.” [From 15:30 – 16:02]

With Ronda Rousey in the rear-view mirror, Shayna seems to have a fresh burst of energy in WWE. This week on RAW, she dismantled the formidable Zoey Stark and made it clear that no one in the division is safe.

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