Travis Kelce’s girlfriend, Taylor Swift THROWS her heels into the audience at her last concert on her Eras Tour in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

At her most recent Eras Tour show in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, this week, Taylor Swift dropped one of her elegant Louboutin heels into the audience.


The fortunate spectator who managed to catch the shattered sole is currently selling it to raise money for his cousin’s CPR treatment.



For all three of Taylor Swift’s sold-out gigs in Rio de Janeiro, Felipe Conrado had VIP passes. He requests that people spread the word about the unique item to anyone who might be interested in it.


“As many of you have been following, we are in the middle of a large mobilization to help fund my cousin’s ᅄаɅᅄπ treatment,” Conrado said in the caption. The caption was converted from Portuguese to English by “The link is in my bio if you could share or tell!”



He insists that all proceeds go directly to the аɅᅄπ treatment fund for his relative Ângela Conrado.

Swift broke one of her glitzy Louboutin heels earlier this week during her final Eras Tour concert in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and tossed it into the crowd (pictured)


And now the lucky fan who caught the broken sole, Felipe Conrado, is selling it to raise money for his cousin's cancer treatment

.Conrado had VIP tickets to all three of Swift's sold-out shows in Rio de Janeiro

.Conrado showed off the heel shortly after catching it at Monday's show by sharing a snap of it in his backpack to X (formerly Twitter)

Swift’s shoe snapped during Monday’s performance, leaving her stumbling around the stage. When this was compared to Margot Robbie’s flat feet, a video of it went viral.


With only one heel left on, the Anti-Hero singer raised her other foot to compensate for the height discrepancy.


It resembled the scene in the Barbie movie where Robbie reveals that her feet are still arched, just like the well-known doll’s, after taking off her high-heeled slippers.


After the show, Conrado sent a photo to his X (formerly Twitter) account to inform everyone that he had indeed captured the shoe.


Custom-made Louboutin boots were produced for Swift’s Eras Tour, which kicked off in North America in March and is set to conclude in South America shortly.


They’re doing three consecutive gigs in São Paulo, Brazil, this weekend.


Due to the extreme heat in Rio de Janeiro on Saturday, Swift’s performance was postponed until Monday night.


Swift gave a heartfelt homage to Ana Clara Benevides, who unfortunately passed away on Friday due to “cardiac arrest due to dehydration” during the Eras Tour stop in Rio de Janeiro.


The second unexpected song of the evening was the devastating ballad “Bigger Than the Whole Sky,” by the chart-topping global superstar, which is about grieving a premature loss. She seems to be honoring her deceased fan, 23.


He shared photos of the moment Taylor broke her heel in Wednesday's post

.Viral: A clip of Swift teetering around the stage the moment her shoe broke during Monday's show went viral and drew comparison's to Margot Robbie's Barbie feet; seen on November 19

It looked similar to a the scene of Robbie stepping out of her high-heel slippers in the Barbie film to reveal that her feet are still arched, just like the iconic doll's

It resembled the part from the Barbie movie where Robbie shows off her stiletto heels to demonstrate how her feet are still arched like the well-known doll’s.


The 12-time Grammy winner broke down in tears as she discussed the recent tragedies in her community after enduring an emotional few days marked by the stabbing death of Swift fan Gabriel Milhomem Santos, 25, and the death of another fan, Ally Anderson, following a five-year battle with B.A.U.Ṅṇʀ.


People started crying aloud when Swift sang, “Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye / You were bigger than the whole sky / You were more than just a short time.” “What could have been, would have been you / What should have been you”


The Amsterdam-born actress attempted to sing, “Did some force take you because I didn’t pray,” but her voice was trembling.


An additional depressing verse read, “No words appear before me in the aftermath/Salt streams out my eyes and into my ears/Everything I touch becomes sick with sadness.”


On Friday, Benevides fainted in the front row. At the scene, doctors attempted CPR, but they were unable to save her life.


After being brought to the hospital, she suffered a second heart attack and passed away there.


Swift praised all of her supporters for coming out to support her earlier in the event, despite the record-breaking heat and rain. The show on Saturday had to be canceled due to the extreme heat.


“How lucky must you be to have 65,000 people dance with you in the pouring rain?” she questioned the assembled audience. “You’ve been so helpful to me since the beginning of my career, and I’ve never been able to bring a tour to Brazil before.”


“You have no idea how happy I am to see your faces tonight,” Swift continued. I adore you a great deal.


She is doing her second show—her first since Benevides passed away—during Brazil’s record-breaking heat wave. Even though it was extremely hot, fans apparently were not permitted to carry water into the much-anticipated show.


It hasn’t been proven, but after Swift’s performance on Friday, fans said they couldn’t bring water into the arena.


During her debut show in Brazil, Swift urged stadium employees to give her fans water, and the incident was captured on camera. The performer halted everything during the performance and flung a water bottle into the audience.


In a spooky TikTok video, Swift appeared to be having trouble breathing as the arena’s temperature went past 37C. In the 11-second video, Swift can be seen rapidly inhaling and exhaling seven times before launching into another hit song.

Rescheduled: Monday night's performance was a rescheduled event, after Swift canceled Saturday's show due to extreme temperatures, following the death of Ana Clara Benevides, who tragically passed away from 'cardiac arrest due to dehydration' at the Eras Tour stop in Rio de Janeiro on Friday; Swift seen in March

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