[WATCH] Rhea Ripley ‘sleeps’ during 37-year-old WWE star’s entrance

Rhea Ripley took a hilarious jibe at a current champion at the latest WWE live event in Mexico.

Seth Rollins defended his WWE World Heavyweight Championship against Dominik Mysterio at the Mexico live event. Rollins was victorious when all was said and done.

During Rollins’ entrance, Rhea Ripley could be seen pretending to take a nap. The Nightmare then signaled to Dominik that Rollins was taking too much time to complete his entrance. Check out the hilarious footage below:

Rhea Ripley was involved in an amusing moment with Seth Rollins not too long ago

Back in May, Seth Rollins played a prank on Ripley when he put his arm around her during WWE RAW. An unsuspecting Ripley was horrified when she learned that it was Rollins who put his arm around her and not Dominik.

Ripley later spoke with FOX 61 and had the following to say about Rollins’ actions:

“I thought it was Dom. I’m upset with Rollins because I thought it was Dominik, and I was living in the moment with my Dom-Dom celebrating and cheering on my fellow Judgment Day members. And then I heard this little cackle in the side of my ear, and I was like, ‘That’s not Dom’s laugh.’ He freaked me out. I didn’t even know how to respond to it… So he’s going to get what’s coming to him. It not only surprised me, but it surprised Dom as well, so I know he’s going to want to do something about it.” [H/T WrestlingInc]

Judging by Rhea Ripley’s reaction to Seth’s entrance, she certainly isn’t a fan of The Visionary. Ripley would have loved to see Dominik win the World title belt by defeating Rollins, but unfortunately for the duo, that didn’t happen.

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