[WATCH] Rhea Ripley “tries new things” while Dominik Mysterio’s theme plays in the background

Rhea Ripley and Dominik Mysterio have become inseparable. Since the latter joined The Judgment Day, the two WWE Superstars have been a menace to everyone around them. Recently, the Women’s World Champion posted a video of a new workout she tried while her on-screen partner’s theme song played in the background.

Mami is one of the most formidable WWE Superstars today. She doesn’t hold back when she needs to step up to wrestlers, regardless of gender. She could give any WWE Superstar a run for their money because of her physique.

The WWE Universe has constantly acknowledged that Rhea Ripley possibly has one of the best physiques in the women’s division, giving her more credibility for the heights she has reached in her career. Everyone knows that it isn’t easy to build such a physique and also maintain it.

The Eradicator of The Judgment Day took to her social media account earlier today and posted a video of a new workout she tried. The video instantly became a hit with WWE fans and a few even noticed Dominik Mysterio’s theme playing in the background. She captioned the video as “Trying new things”. You can view her new workout below:

Why did Dominik Mysterio ask Rhea Ripley to shush after WWE RAW?

On the latest episode of WWE RAW, Dominik Mysterio and his on-screen partner had an altercation with the current Tag Team Champions. During the exchange, Mami told Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn that The Judgment Day will soon hold all the titles.

During the short back and forth between the two sides, Rhea Ripley stated that Dom Dom will never stop, as he has been working on his cardio in prison. After the episode, Dirty Dom took to Twitter to playfully ask Mami to shush about such intimate details of his life.

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