WATCH: Romantic Gesture: Taylor Swift Sends Love to Travis Kelce with a heart hand demonstration during her electrifying performance in Singapore: ‘I Love Youuuuu, Travis!

Each evening during the tour, Taylor has been carving out moments to infuse the grand spectacle with intimacy, surprising audiences with acoustic renditions halfway through. On this occasion, she chose “The Very First Night” from the Vault selections on “Red (Taylor’s Version)” and “Labyrinth” from her latest album, “Midnights.”

Taylor Swift Makes Good on a Promise to a Fan Made 5 Years Ago

Travis Kelce Channels Taylor Swift’s Heart Hands Gesture to ‘Spread That Love’

The latter song selection has Swifties speculating that Taylor and Travis’ recent closeness could potentially evolve into a full-fledged romantic involvement. The speculation stems from the lyrics of “Labyrinth,” particularly the line, ‘Oh no, I’m falling in love again,’ prompting Taylor’s devotees to interpret it as a message to Travis.

Travis Kelce Did Taylor Swift's Heart Hands Move to 'Spread That Love'

Swifties are renowned for concocting various theories regarding the hidden meanings in Taylor’s music and performances, ranging from the outlandish to the plausible.

‘Travis Kelce, I admire you for this,’ one fan expressed, noting the joy in witnessing Taylor serenading love songs once more onstage. Others echoed the sentiment while watching the footage, with one remarking, ‘She’s rediscovering love, and it seems to be with Travis Kelce, hence the genuine happiness in her performance of this song.’

‘Exactly my sentiments!’ another fan exclaimed. ‘We owe Travis a debt of gratitude for bringing out this side of her,’ extending thanks to the Kansas City Chiefs player.

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