Why did Shayna Baszler betray Ronda Rousey at WWE Money In The Bank 2023? 3 possible reasons

Shayna Baszler left the WWE Universe gobsmacked at Money In The Bank 2023 by abruptly turning on longtime friend and partner Ronda Rousey. The champions were firmly in charge of their Women’s tag team match against Liv Morgan and Raquel Rodriguez when Baszler suddenly blindsided Rousey to the shock of everyone watching.

The Queen of Spades then walked off, leaving Rodriguez and Morgan to pick the bones and defeat Rousey to become the new tag champions. Everyone watching was left wondering why, and even the commentary team of Michael Cole and Wade Barrett had no clue as to what brought on this betrayal. So why did Baszler turn on her longtime running buddy?

Here are three possible reasons why Shayna Baszler betrayed Ronda Rousey at WWE Money In The Bank 2023

#3. Ronda Rousey might be taking a break from WWE

Ronda Rousey has stated in the past that she will never return to the full-time schedule of her first run in WWE due to family and personal commitments. Thus, her second run with the company has come in short bursts punctuated by time off.

Baszler’s attack out of nowhere could have been the company’s way to write her off and transfer the tag titles to another team. It would also give The Submission Magician some momentum to build upon until the eventual blockbuster one-on-one match between the two.

#2. Their team-up had run its course

Ronda Rousey and Shayna Baszler are arguably the two most fearsome women in WWE today. One could say they are lone wolf types that thrive better in the singles division than in a tag team.

Their reign as tag champs has not been bad by any stretch of the imagination, but they always seemed to work like two formidable side-by-side weapons instead of melding into one weapon twice as formidable.

This could be why the company pulled the trigger on the turn. This would allow them to return to singles exploits, having made history by unifying the women’s tag titles, while making space for “proper” duos to shine.

Another factor to consider is that the unified champions have to perform on all three shows, a schedule which could prove difficult for Rousey in particular.

Thus, it may have been the right time to pull the trigger on their split.

#1. Shayna Baszler betrayed Ronda Rousey to set up a WWE SummerSlam match between the two

Shayna Bazsler and Ronda Rousey were a dream team. The two MMA legends teaming up to wreak havoc on the women’s tag team division was something fans always wanted to see. However, the WWE Universe has arguably been much more desperate to see the duo come to blows.

With a massive event like SummerSlam coming up, a marquee match like Baszler vs. Rousey is just the kind of attraction needed on the card. It would’ve been difficult to imagine them making the card as tag team champions, but they hold much greater appeal as rivals.

Setting up the match for the Detroit event is the biggest possible reason why Baszler may have betrayed Rousey in London.

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