Michael Jackson was ‘eliminated’ by Illuminati Dark Forces two years earlier and was replaced by impersonator – New theory

A bizarre conspiracy theory suggests Michael Jackson was sacrified by members of a secret society who framed him on charges.

A wild theory has emerged suggesting Jackson was actually eliminated by a sinister secret society who viewed him as a threat.

A blog posted online under the title ” The eliminate of Michael Jackson Decoded ” alleges Jackson became a target in 1984 when he purchased publishing rights for much of the Beatles back catalogue.

The post claims the acquisition gave the singer “too much power” and he was “on the hit list to be eliminated”.

He is said to have further angered the “Illuminati” with the video for his pop anthem Black or White, which is said to have demonstrated his rebellion against the secret sect.

Michael Jackson passed away in 2009 and a conspiracy theory claims he was eliminated ( Image: Reuters)

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The post alleges the pop promo is packed with clues hinting at Jackson’s links to Illuminati, including occult symbols and the number 666.

The number is said to have been painted on a car the singer destroys in the video along with the letters KKK.

However, the post claims the scene does not suggest Jackson is rallying against the Ku Klux Klan.

It instead links the letters to Freemasonry and in turn the Illuminati – claiming his rejection of KKK is actually him distancing himself from the secret society.

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It goes on to allege members of the Illuminati tried to get rid of Jackson by setting up false allegations.

The Thriller hitmaker was tried on charges in 2004-2005 – but he was acquitted on every charge.

The blog claims members of the secret society plughed ahead with plans to eliminate the superstar after the trial failed to go their way.

It stated: “They knew Michael loved children and the machine always attacks its targets through what they love…

“Michael was a Summer Solstice Sacrifice, returning back to the ethers on June the 25th of 2009.”

Michael Jackson passed away TWO YEARS earlier and was replaced by impersonator, wild theory claims.

It claims two other stars who passed away on the same day – actress Farrah Fawcett and rocker Sky Saxon – were also sacrifices as three were necessary.

The blog added: “Two other celebrities were sacrificed on this same day and when you add up the date, 6/25/2009, you get the number 6.

“If you count the other two celebrities, Farrah Fawcett and Sky Saxon, into the equation you will get 666.

“This is no coincidence and as stated earlier the number 666 represents the combination of deities that is worshiped by the rulers.”

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