Booty Blast: Jennifer Lopez Stuns with Rear Revelation as Nicki Minaj Takes Center Stage at Fashion Rocks

Spectacular displays: Nicki Minaj and Jennifer Lopez delivered provocative and captivating performances at the Fashion Rocks concert in New York on Tuesday evening. During her act, Jennifer, who is 45 years old, mesmerized the crowd as she skillfully moved and danced, often with her back facing the audience, perfectly syncing her movements with the lyrics of her appropriately titled song. The former “fly girl” showcased her stunning attire consisting of beautiful elbow-high black gloves and sleek black boots, and she styled her tinted locks into a chic high ponytail. With her captivating makeup, the star added a touch of drama to her look by adorning herself with a long choker embellished with a series of interconnected chains that elegantly cascaded down her chest.

Booty-full performances: Nicki Minaj and Jennifer Lopez put on racy shows at the Fashion Rocks concert in New York on Tuesday night

Booty-full performances: Nicki Minaj and Jennifer Lopez put on racy shows at the Fashion Rocks concert in New York on Tuesday night

Stand out: JLo was the centre of attention as she performed with a group of well dressed male back up dancers

Catch the eye: JLo stole the spotlight while showcasing her skills alongside a dashing ensemble of male dancers dressed to impress.

Showtime: The 45-year-old rocked the house in a very revealing outfit

Performance Time: The 45-year-old absolutely stole the show with her daring ensemble.

Pumping it out: The former fly girl whipped her hair around

Getting the music flowing: The ex-dancer swirled her hair through the air.

Look at the girl: JLo got some attention from the men backing her up

Take a glance at the girl: JLo certainly caught the eyes of the men supporting her. In a similar fashion, Nicki, age 31, playfully revealed her underwear in a mini skirt while proudly displaying her cleavage with a sequinned bra and platform boots. With her hair elegantly swept back into a high ponytail, the talented rapper, famous for her hit song “Super Bass,” confidently presented her behind to the audience as she gracefully stepped onto a prop chair. Nicki also delivered a performance of her own anthem, aptly named “Anaconda,” which, much like JLo’s popular lyrics, included witty references to her curvaceous posterior.

Snapping away: Even on stage Jennifer made sure people were taking photos of her during her performance

Clicking incessantly: Even while basking in the spotlight, Jennifer ensured the constant capture of her every move on stage.

Feeling the music: The star looked to be quite caught up in the moment as she danced sultrily onstage

Feeling the music: The star looked to be quite caught up in the moment as she danced sultrily onstage

Getting lost in the music: The artist appeared completely engrossed in the present moment as she gracefully moved across the stage, exuding a seductive aura.

Juicy! Jennifer wasn't afraid to flaunt her curves as she sashayed on stage

Sensationally alluring! Jennifer fearlessly showcased her shapely figure while gracefully strutting across the stage.

Crowd pleaser: The dancers all waved to the audience as the female members of the crew faced the wrong direction

A delight for the masses: With enthusiasm, the dancers greeted the crowd by exchanging waves, an endearing sight heightened by the female members of the crew unintentionally facing the opposite direction. Commencing the night’s event, Usher took the stage, followed by the vibrant presence of Pittbull. Prompted by the charismatic host, Ryan Seacrest, Pittbull engaged in a conversation about his distinct fashion sense. Expressing his perspective, the talented singer shared that personal style should outweigh the significance of brand names. Later on, the renowned 80s band, Duran Duran, graced the stage, delivering a sensational performance of their iconic hit, “Hungry Like The Wolf.”

Not to be outdone: Nicki put her own assets on full display during her rousing performance

In an effort to stand out, Nicki proudly showcased her personal attributes in a captivating performance.

All the boys: Male backup dancers walked shirtless around the stage during her booty-full performance

During her sizzling performance, a group of male backup dancers confidently strutted across the stage without shirts, adding a tantalizing charm to the show.

Working it: The Super Bass rapper also showed off other aspects of her voluptuous figure

Getting down to business: The rapper famous for her hit song “Super Bass” also flaunted various aspects of her curvaceous physique.

Looking out: Minaj was certain to exude her signature attitude on stage

Keeping an eye on the scene: Minaj made sure to radiate her distinctive demeanor during her performance.

Winning: The pop star got the crowd going as she got them pumped up

Victorious: The popular singer electrified the audience, filling them with exhilaration and excitement.

Grooving: Latrice Royale performed in what looked to be a star fish inspired outfit

Grooving: Latrice Royale performed in what looked to be a star fish inspired outfit

Getting Down: Latrice Royale rocked the stage in a stunning ensemble that seemed to channel the gracefulness and charm of a starfish.

Legends: Kiss performed during the star studded show

Kiss rocked the stage at the star-studded event.

Singing it out: Miranda Lambert took to the stage before Rita Ora

Singing it out: Miranda Lambert took to the stage before Rita Ora

Belting it out: Miranda Lambert stole the spotlight before Rita Ora’s turn on stage.

Opening act: Usher gave a rousing performance to open the music show

Opener: Usher set the stage ablaze with an electrifying performance to kickstart the sensational music extravaganza.

Class act: Jennifer Hudson belted out a tune as supermodels walked by

A true embodiment of class: Jennifer Hudson effortlessly serenaded the audience while the runway was graced by the presence of stunning supermodels.

Leading the pack: Pittbull took to the stage and performed with dancers wearing flapper inspired getups

Taking the lead: Pittbull confidently took center stage, captivating the audience as he delivered a stellar performance alongside dancers bedecked in glamorous flapper-inspired outfits.

The host with the most: Ryan Seacrest introduced Usher while wearing a tuxedo

Ryan Seacrest, the charming host, made quite the entrance in a classy tuxedo as he presented none other than the popular artist, Usher.

Rapping it out: Sean Paul, Randy Malcom of Gente De Zona, Enrique Iglesias, and Alexander Delgado of Gente De Zona,  performed onstage

Rocking the stage with their infectious energy, Sean Paul, Randy Malcom from Gente De Zona, Enrique Iglesias, and Alexander Delgado from Gente De Zona came together for a mind-blowing rap performance.

Classic: Simon Le Bon of Duran Duran sang Hungry Like A Wolf during the lively show

Casual: Simon Le Bon from Duran Duran took center stage and belted out the famous hit “Hungry Like A Wolf” amidst an electrifying performance.

Hungry: Fans clawed at the stage during the performances

Famished: Enthusiastic fans reached out and eagerly grasped the stage in a frenzy during the electrifying performances.

Giving it a squeeze: Ora pinched a male underwear models bottom during her performance

Playfully getting touchy: Ora playfully gave a gentle squeeze to the posterior of a male underwear model during her enthusiastic onstage performance.

Belting it out: The Band Perry performed onstage to a cheering crowd

Raising the roof: The Band Perry electrified the audience with their captivating performance

Dancing man: Jason Derulo showed off his ripped guns to the delight of the audience

Jason Derulo delighted the crowd as he flaunted his toned biceps on the dance floor.

Shirtless wonder: Justin Bieber whipped off some of his clothing to introduce a performer

Bare-chested amazement: Justin Bieber swiftly discarded his attire to present a talented performer.

Coming off: Justin started his strip routine with his powder blue coat

Starting with his powder blue coat, Justin embarked on his striptease routine.

Earnest: Enrique Iglesias showed off his fit figure in a low buttoned down shirt and a V-neck

Casual: Enrique Iglesias confidently revealed his toned physique by wearing a partially unbuttoned shirt with a V-neck.

The wow factor: Jourdan Dunn took to the stage with stunning results

The element of surprise: Jourdan Dunn graced the spotlight with breathtaking outcomes.

Backstage: Paris Hilton stole a candid snap with Kiss

Behind the scenes: Paris Hilton manages to nab a spontaneous photo opportunity with the legendary rock band Kiss.



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