Britney Spears claims she ‘made out’ with Ben Affleck in since-deleted post – and fans think JLo’s furious at confession

BRITNEY Spears has revealed new information about her and Ben Affleck in a social media post.

Britney, 42, made a post on Instagram claiming that she once made out with Ben, 51.

Britney Spears has made a new revelation on her Instagram

Britney Spears has made a new revelation on her InstagramCredit: Getty

Britney claimed that she made out with Ben Affleck in 1999

Britney claimed that she made out with Ben Affleck in 1999Credit: The Mega Agency
In the post, which has since been deleted by the singer but saved by TMZ, she shared a picture that showed her standing between Ben and Grammy-award winner Diane Warren.

The caption said, “Cool pic of me and Ben Affleck and Diane Warren years ago!

“He’s such an amazing actor. Did I fail to mention I made out with Ben that night… I honestly forgot… d**n that’s crazy!”

She continued, “Wish I could tell you guys the story that happened before that! Oh dear, I’m just being a gossip girl!

“Psss I actually forgot,” with laughing emojis.

The news surprised many fans as the photo was taken in the summer of 1999 – when Ben and Britney were reportedly dating other people.

Ben was dating his ex, Gwyneth Paltrow, at the time, and it’s possible Britney was dating Justin Timberlake because they started dating that year.


Britney’s fans on Reddit and X, formerly known as Twitter, went wild after the post and many believe Ben’s wife Jennifer Lopez was angry she shared her story.

One said, “JLO is going to STRANGLE Britney Spears after that Ben Affleck kissing post!!!”

“JLo is about to steal Britney’s vocals next if she keeps it up,” wrote another.

Justin Timberlake & Britney Spears ‘have resolved feud & he apologized,’ Lance Bass says after abortion bombshell
A third said, “I think it a little bit disrespectful because JLo follows her and personally I wouldn’t like to see on my timeline another woman saying how she had an affair with my husband.”



A fan wrote, “Yeah, I don’t know what to believe. Ben used to be pretty wild and Britney is weird.

“All I know is that JLo is hot and Ben has probably made out with every cute actress and popstar by the looks of this. I hope Bennifer 2.0 is doing well.”


Britney and Justin frequently made headlines during the past few months after Britney released her bombshell tell-all book.

However, Justin and Britney’s “feud” is now non-existent and the trauma over her abortion has been resolved in private.

Justin apologized to his ex-pop superstar partner and they are now “fine,” his NYSNC bandmate Lance Bass revealed in an exclusive interview with The U.S. Sun.

Lance has been a friend to both Britney and long-term pal Justin.

He said that Britney addressed her breakup with Justin in the book to set her side of the record straight on the split, but “that was the past.”

He insisted that while publicly, it appears Britney remains upset, “They don’t care. They are good.”

Lance also added that Britney fans’ successful push of her single Selfish ahead of Timberlake’s new single of the same name on the iTunes Charts is “good for everyone.”

Some Spears’ fans continue to attack her ex-partner following her memoir passage of him wanting an abortion and cheating allegations in 2001.

When asked how the famous couple solved their differences, Lance declared, “Well, the problem is, they’ve already sorted it out and everyone just forgets.

“No, they are fine. They support each other. They love each other in their own ways.

“He has apologized. She is amazing. It’s just like everyone, this has happened already.

“So I think just people like to keep fights going but look at the people that are in the fight. They don’t care. They’re good.”

Justin has not made any public comments about Spears’ claims but did tell fans at his Vegas gig in December “no disrespect” before playing Cry Me a River – a tune penned about her cheating on him.

Fans online are convinced that Ben's wife JLo was angry about the post

Fans online are convinced that Ben’s wife JLo was angry about the postCredit: Getty

Both Ben and Britney were in other relationships in 1999

Both Ben and Britney were in other relationships in 1999Credit: Getty

Britney and Justin Timberlake recently resolved their issues from their relationship

Britney and Justin Timberlake recently resolved their issues from their relationshipCredit: Getty

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