Guest makes ‘crazy’ discovery at Australian hotel where Taylor Swift recently stayed

A hotel guest staying at the exclusive Crown Towers Barangaroo in Sydney has revealed the “crazy” discovery he made hidden in the bedside table.

The guest posted a video on TikTok last week claiming to show the surprising find after he tried to retrieve a wireless charging cable which fell inside the hole.

“So I was looking at this [panel] which opens and closes, it’s got lighting controls, and I just leaned on it too much and it opened up,” he said, showing the exposed interior of the unit.

“But what else did I notice in here which is a vacuum sealer machine … and as I look further in here, scales.”

He discovered a vacuum sealer and scales.
He discovered a vacuum sealer and scales. TikTok
Hidden inside the bedside table were a FoodSaver vacuum sealer and a small digital kitchen scale.

“Someone has obviously been packaging up drugs in this room at Crown,” he said.

“Like, are you serious? They’re using a vacuum sealer machine and scales, what for? I cannot believe this. This is crazy, and this is all happening at Crown Towers in Barangaroo in Sydney.”

A Crown Resorts spokeswoman said, “We have been made aware of a concerning social media video that was recently posted from one of our hotel rooms at Crown Sydney. Crown has zero tolerance for illegal or criminal behavior and we have reported the matter to the NSW [New South Wales, Australia] Police.”

The guest accidentally opened the bedside table panel.
The guest accidentally opened the bedside table panel. TikTok
NSW Police confirmed officers from Sydney City Police Area Command were investigating after a number of items “suspected of being used in the distribution of illicit drugs were found in a room at a hotel in Pyrmont”.

“Police were called to the hotel about 12.00am on Wednesday and told a guest had found the items in a bedside unit,” a spokeswoman said.

“The items have been taken for further examination. No drugs were located. Police are continuing to work with hotel staff and inquiries are continuing.”

The TikTok video has been viewed more than 820,000 times since last week.

The Crown Sydney
The Crown Towers Barangaroo in Sydney. Crown/ MEGA
“What until you hear what happens at the Meriton,” one person joked.

“I can’t believe that you can’t believe it,” another said.

“Did you call the police before you covered everything with your DNA and fingerprints concealing lots of evidence?” one person said.

But one user said it was “not illegal to leave scales and a vacuum sealer in a hotel” while another claimed “you live in a dream world, the cops don’t care about this”.

Some questioned “why wouldn’t they just take it home with them”.

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“For the same reason why they couldn’t just do it at home in the first place,” one person explained, noting the items were “only worth like $40”.

“You wouldn’t want to keep that stuff in your house if you were selling drugs.”

Others suggested there may be an innocent explanation.

“Not me thinking they were meal prepping,” one said.

Another agreed, “That just looks like good meal prep equipment.”

Taylor Swift stayed at the Presidential Villa of the Crown during her Sydney Eras Tour for $38,888 per night.
Taylor Swift stayed at the Presidential Villa of the Crown during her Sydney Eras Tour for $38,888 per night. AFP via Getty Images
It’s the same hotel – but not the same room–where Taylor Swift stayed during the Sydney leg of her just-concluded Aussie visit, with the pop star holed up in the luxurious 820 square metre, two-level Presidential Villa, which costs a cool $25,000 per night.

The first floor boasts an exquisitely designed, expansive living area, stylishly curated with bespoke furnishings.

The kitchen, bar, pool table, and media room are perfect for entertaining, while the dining room comfortably hosts up to 10 people.

There is also a fully equipped office and butler’s quarters, allowing for completely personalized service, provided for by your private butler.

The second floor’s spectacular master bedroom features a spacious bathroom complete with a marble spa bath and steam shower. A second kingsize bedroom features a deluxe ensuite, with the luxury extending to the fitness room complete with infra-red sauna.

She similarly stayed at Crown Towers in Southbank, Melbourne.

When Swift first announced the Australian leg of her Eras tour it was described by the promoter, Frontier Touring, as being “presented by Crown”, and previous sponsorship arrangements between Crown and the Australian Open and the Grand Prix have meant sports stars stay at their resorts.

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