KC Chiefs Team Reveals How Taylor Swift Has Changed Travis Kelce

Weeks after the Kansas City Chiefs won the Super Bowl, one team member reveals Taylor Swift’s impact on tight-end Travis Kelce.

As you know, the pop icon and athlete have been an item since last summer and have seemingly been going strong ever since. Taylor has shown up to several Kansas City Chiefs games to cheer on her boyfriend, with Travis returning the favor by attending Taylor’s concerts in both Argentina and Australia.

While some rumors have been going around that the relationship is just a publicity stunt, sources close to the couple say otherwise with some even calling them the “real deal.”

Now, another Chiefs family member is backing the new “it” couple, praising Taylor and revealing how she has impacted the team and Travis.

Taylor Swift’s Impact On Travis Kelce

Travis Kelce Speaks On Fans' 'Obsession' With Taylor Swift Relationship

Defensive backs coach Dave Merritt says Taylor Swift has “affected the team in a positive way” with her authenticity and her support.

“Everybody was excited that Travis was happy. So when my player, my brother, is happy beside me, that helps me and that encourages me,” he said on’ The Sports Shop With Reese & Kmac.’

Adding, “And so Travis came in there a different man. So she helped us.”

Taylor Swift began dating Travis Kelce last summer, but it wasn’t until September that the two went public after the pop icon showed up at a Kansas City Chiefs game alongside Travis’s mom, Donna Kelce. However, despite being in the spotlight and taking over the sports world, Dave says initially, she came to the sports stadiums in private.

“When she started to come around, it was privately,” Dave said, adding, “She was coming into the stadiums without people really knowing until the camera put the big spotlight on her.”

“But upon meeting her, I felt like she actually added to what it was that we were trying to do,” he continued, “Because there were so many people that were hating the fact that she was being shown on TV, that you know what, you’re part of our family because you’re now with Travis, so therefore you’re our little sister or you’re whatever it may be, you’re part of family.”

Taylor Swift Wins Super Bowl In Her First Year

Travis Kelce Speaks On Fans' 'Obsession' With Taylor Swift Relationship

Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid also addressed the impact Taylor had on recent games, stating “Listen, I’m a big fan, so I’m glad she was here, and I hope she enjoyed it,” Reid told PEOPLE after the Chiefs beat the New England Patriots last year. “She’s got a great guy she’s dating right now, so I’m happy for both of them,” he added.

The team went on to win the Super Bowl this past NFL season, making the couple’s relationship story a real-life fairy tale.

“She won a Super Bowl in her first year in the NFL,” Dave joked while on the sports show. “How about that?”

Following the big win, Taylor went clubbing with the Chiefs team, even sharing footage of Travis on her social media for the first time.

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