Miley Cyrus shows off bruised bottom in bikini after pole dancing

She spent Monday night at a strip club in New Orleans where she joined the dancers to gyrate around a pole.

But it appears as if Miley Cyrus may have been a bit overenthusiastic in her efforts as the 21-year-old singer was sporting a bruised bottom on Wednesday, which she of course had to share with her Instagram fans.

Miley posted a picture of herself in a skimpy bikini in Tampa, Florida, showing off the bruise and captioned it, ‘#f**kyeahtampa yasss that’s a bruise on my arsss’.


Overenthusiastic dancing? Miley Cyrus displayed her bruised bottom in a tiny bikini after pole dancing at a strip club on Monday night

The picture showed Miley lying on a sun lounger on the beach.

Her tiny bikini revealed a great deal of her toned body and she was wearing sunglasses.

Of course, she struck her signature tongue out pose for the snap, on the latest stop on her Bangerz tour.

It’s not clear what caused the bruise but her energetic dancing could be to blame.

On Monday Miley gave the professionals a run for their money as she took over the pole at a New Orleans strip club.

The singer kept her clothes on, for once, as she showed off her skills at the Babe’s Cabaret strip club in the French Quarter.

This is how you do it girls! Miley took over the stripper pole at the Babe Caberet in New Orleans on Monday night

Surrounded by strippers in their skimpy performance underwear, the singer watched them perform a private show on a balcony above the main part of the club.

Miley was not content to just watch, however.

Leaving her friends sipping their drinks she went over to join the pros.

Just another night at work for Miley? The star writhed on top of a gold car on stage in New Orleans on Tuesday night

The 21-year-old was seen grabbing a stripper from behind, before taking to the pole herself to demonstrate her signature move.

After a bit of twerking, Miley was joined by another girl on the pole as they spun around.

She then reclined happily against a balcony, where another girl approached her.

Bangerz tour: Miley is currently touring her album in the US and has shocked some fans with her skimpy outfits

The singer gamely pushed her head into the stripper’s chest, before getting them to kiss her bottom.

But it wasn’t all fun and games for the star – her tour bus blew out a tire on the freeway and burst into flames.

Her sister Noah, 14, and mother Tish were both onboard, but nobody was harmed.

Let it rain! As fake cash swirled around her, Miley couldn’t have looked happier on stage on Tuesday

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