Offset Mad Lil Baby Took His Spot? Cardi B is Tired of Quality Control Making Offset Look Bad: If he paid his way out. I’d definitely be suing

Offset Mad Lil Baby Took His Spot? Cardi B is Tired of Quality Control Making Offset Look Bad: If he paid his way out. I’d definitely be suing 

Cardi B Is Getting 'Rid of Dead Weight' After Unfollowing Offset

Offset’s recent legal action against his former record label has sparked rumors about the Migos breaking up, and it seems to have ignited a public feud between Offset and the label’s co-owner, Pierre “Pee” Thomas. The drama unfolded on social media, with Offset claiming mistreatment and alleging that the label tried to blackball him.

The rift between Offset and his label became evident when he unfollowed Quavo and Takeoff, signaling a potential breakup of the Migos. Offset later confirmed the group’s disbandment, linking it to his legal issues with the record label. The rapper filed a lawsuit against the label, accusing them of unfair practices and suggesting that the disagreement led to the group’s dissolution.

Pierre responded with a cryptic tweet, insinuating that Offset was the real problem and referencing a past lawsuit that was filed publicly but dismissed quietly. Offset fired back, stating that he paid millions to regain control of his rights and accused the label of blackballing him. He expressed frustration that, after parting ways, the label wanted credit on his solo endeavors.

Cardi B, Offset’s wife, also joined the conversation, defending her husband and asserting that Offset bought himself out of his QC deal when the label refused to renegotiate his contract. She criticized those portraying Offset as the antagonist and emphasized that he took control of his rights after paying millions.

The situation garnered attention on social media, with fans and observers sharing diverse opinions. Some speculated on Offset’s motivations, while others sympathized with the rapper’s frustration over contractual disputes.

In conclusion, the public feud involving Offset, Pierre, and QC has brought attention to the intricacies of the music industry, including contract negotiations, rights ownership, and the challenges artists face. As the legal battle unfolds, it remains to be seen how this chapter will impact Offset’s solo career and the future of the Migos.


Lil Baby is denying rumors that his crew jumped Offset.

On Friday night (March 6), reports surfaced that the two Quality Control artists had gotten into a scuffle with Lil Baby’s crew getting the best of the Migos rapper. One Instagram blog reported that sources were saying, “Offset and Lil Baby crew allegedly got into a fight. The blog went on to say that Lil Baby’s crew, 4PF stripped Offset of everything but his boxers and just left him there. But there’s no video proof of this. However, Offset did unfollow Lil Baby and P on IG and removed promo posts for him.”

Lil Baby has since shot down the speculation that his entourage scuffled with Offset. In the caption of the post, he simply added, “That’s cappppppoo.”

Baby also addressed the issue on his Instagram Story. “Stop spreading fake news!! That shit fake!! Please!!” he posted.

Offset has yet to address the matter via social media. It is unclear where the rumors originated. XXL has reached out to Offset’s reps for comment

djvontv via Instagdram

djvontv via Instagdram

LilBaby_1 via Instagram

LilBaby_1 via Instagram

Lil Baby surely does not want his name involved in such a situation following the announcement of his good deed in the city of Atlanta. Earlier in the week, he donated $150,000 to his old high school. Baby is fresh off the release of his My Turn album, which dropped last month.

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