SHOCK: Kim Kardashian wore a tight bikini and posed with a male model, making viewers blush

Known for her bold and boundary-pushing fashion photoshoots, Kim Kardashian has once again raised the bar with her latest SKIMS campaign.

In the promotional imagery for the shapewear brand’s upcoming faux leather and scuba swim collection, Kim can be seen sporting an oiled-up bikini body while being caressed by muscular male models. The 42-year-old mogul took to her Instagram on Monday to give her followers a sneak peek at the racy snaps.

In one of the steamy shots, Kim flaunts her figure in a revealing black faux leather bikini as she reclines on the back of a handsome male model. To complete the look, she pairs the stylish swimwear with knee-high booties and matching gloves that cling to her biceps, all of which sport a glossy sheen to match the bikini.

Fans of Kim Kardashian and fashion enthusiasts alike can get their hands on this striking collection when it launches on Tuesday at 9 PM PST/12 PM EST. Keep an eye out for these daring and fashion-forward pieces that are sure to make a bold statement.

Eye-popping: Kim Kardashian was her own best advert once again as she showcased her famous curves for her latest SKIMS campaign

Captivating: Kim Kardashian once again stole the show as she proudly flaunted her renowned hourglass figure in the latest promotional campaign for her own brand, SKIMS.

Ooh la la: The 42-year-old mogul  took to her Instagram on Monday to share some racy snaps from the shapewear brand's upcoming faux leather and scuba swim collection

Well, well, well: The 42-year-old queen decided to grace her Instagram followers with a glimpse of the sizzling new faux leather and scuba swim collection from her shapewear brand.

In another one of her innovative snapshots, Kim showcased her bold style by donning a faux leather string bikini. The photo captured her lying on the floor, surrounded by two models. Kim couldn’t help but brag about her upcoming swimwear collection in her Instagram Story, describing it as the “boldest swim ever” for unforgettable summer moments.

Just last week, Kim shared her journey to success with SKIMS and revealed that her passion for shapewear began during her teenage years. In an interview with Time magazine, she explained how she would often purchase shapewear and resort to dyeing it with coffee or tea to match her olive skin tone. Frustrated by the lack of options that catered to diverse skin tones, Kim decided to create shapewear for all women, leading to the birth of SKIMS.

To recognize her influence in the business world, Time magazine chose to feature Kim on one of their Most Influential Business covers for SKIMS. The issue will be available on newsstands starting this Friday.

Reflecting on her journey to fame, Kim admitted that she initially felt uncertain about the direction of her career almost two decades ago. She recalled making licensing deals with various companies that seemed contradictory, such as partnering with a cupcake brand while promoting a weight-loss pill.

All eyes on her: She showcased her curves alongside fellow stunning models

All attention centered on her as she confidently flaunted her voluptuous figure, standing side by side with a group of equally striking models.

Three's a crowd: She teamed stylish swimwear with matching shiny knee high booties and matching clinging gloves which reached her biceps

Three is company: She paired fashionable swimwear with matching knee-high boots that glistened and fitted gloves that extended to her biceps.

Vibes: Kim sizzled in a tiny black faux leather bikini as she laid across the back of a hunky male model

Vibes: Kim exuded a captivating aura in a petite black bikini made of faux leather while she gracefully reclined on the back of an attractive male model.

Cuddling up: She posed several times with the handsome man

Cuddling up: She posed several times with the handsome man

Snuggling close: She playfully struck a variety of poses with the attractive gentleman.

Making a splash: The stunner posed on a balcony overlooking the pool

Creating a scene: The mesmerizing person struck a pose on a balcony with a stunning view of the pool.

Changing it up: The models also sported the brown looks

Adding variety: The brown looks were also showcased by the models.

Interesting: It was a very sexually suggestive shoot

Fascinating: The photoshoot exuded a strong aura of sensuality.

Nice: The collection drops on Tuesday at 9PM PST/12PM EST

Great news! The new collection will be available for purchase this Tuesday at 9PM PST/12PM EST.

Big deal: Kim shot a sultry look at the camera

No joke: Kim gave a sensual gaze towards the lens.

She does her own stunts: She impressively climbed up on a ladder in her heels

She fearlessly performs her own daring feats: In heels, she astonishingly ascended a ladder.

In her Instagram Story the star boasted that the upcoming collection features 'our boldest swim ever for your best summer moments'

The celebrity took to her Instagram Story to proudly announce the arrival of our most daring swimwear collection yet, perfect for creating unforgettable summer memories.

Scintillating: She keeps building on her empire

Captivating: She continues to expand her reign

Ready for her close-up: She also took to her Instagram Story to share a behind-the-scenes snap of her getting make-up on

Prepared for the spotlight: In addition, she documented the process of having her make-up done on her Instagram Story.


Skims has revolutionized the fashion industry by breaking the mold and expanding its product range from underwear and shapewear to loungewear, swimwear, tees, and dresses. This transformation has not only impacted the brand’s success but has also changed the perception of the business world towards it. The founder of Skims, Jens Grede, expressed his delight in the brand’s achievements, stating, “I feel like, OK, I did it.”

When we analyze Skims’ performance in numbers, it becomes evident that the brand has experienced remarkable growth. Established in late 2019, Skims reported a staggering $500 million in revenue last year, surpassing expectations by 25% and exceeding its 2021 earnings by 80%, which were already 90% higher than the previous year.

Despite a decline in underwear sales in 2023, Skims has remained resilient and buoyant. Jens Grede proudly announced an 86% year-over-year increase in intimate apparel sales in April. This indicates that Skims continues to thrive even during challenging market conditions.

Underpinning Skims’ success is its rising valuation. In January 2022, the privately held brand secured a significant round of funding, resulting in a valuation of $3.2 billion. This figure represents a doubling of its previous valuation in just nine months, highlighting the brand’s remarkable growth trajectory.

Skims’ journey reflects a triumph in redefining the fashion industry and disrupting conventional norms. By embracing inclusivity and expanding its offerings, the brand has positioned itself as a leader in the market. With its continuous upward trajectory, Skims is set to achieve even greater milestones in the future.

Biz babe: This comes just a week after she opened up about her SKIMS success and reveled that she started thinking about shapewear in her teens

Business woman: This news comes merely a week following her candid discussion about the triumph of her fashion line, SKIMS, where she also revealed her longtime contemplation on designing shapewear since her teenage years.

Crafty: The siren told Time magazine that she used to buy shapewear and dye it with coffee or tea to match her skin tone because the colors that were out there did not match her olive coloring; here Kim is seen in her SKIMS/Fendi collaboration

In an interview with Time magazine, the clever fashionista disclosed her little secret of customizing her shapewear to suit her unique olive complexion. Kim confessed that she would purchase shapewear and ingeniously dye it using coffee or tea, ensuring a perfect match with her skin tone. This resourceful approach not only allowed her to overcome the lack of suitable options in the market but also highlighted her knack for fashion experimentation. As evident in her SKIMS/Fendi collaboration, Kim effortlessly demonstrates her ingenuity and impeccable style.

Cover girl: The next step was to make shapewear for all women and thus SKIMS was born

Introducing a remarkable venture: SKIMS originated as a result of the desire to create inclusive shapewear for women of every shape and size.

She makes swimwear too! Time launched one of their Most Influential Business covers featuring Kim for SKIMS on Tuesday. The issue hits newsstands this Friday

Kim is not just limited to clothing, she also dabbles in swimwear! SKIMS, the brand that has taken the fashion world by storm, has now graced the cover of Time’s Most Influential Business issue. This exciting news was announced on Tuesday, and fans can grab this special edition when it hits newsstands this Friday.


Co-Founder Jens Grede praises Kim Kardashian as an exceptional creative collaborator. According to Grede, having a distinct perspective on the world and a recognizable aesthetic are crucial qualities for a successful creative director. He emphasizes the importance of being well-versed in popular culture. When Kardashian initially saw the packaging design for Skims, she didn’t feel it aligned with her personal style, prompting a redesign. Grede credits Kardashian with the brilliant idea of featuring Snoop Dogg and his grandkids in the Christmas campaign and casting the actresses from White Lotus for another project. He admires her ability to skillfully navigate and shape popular culture.

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