Take a peek inside Taylor Swift’s $2M eclectic, ‘Alice In Wonderland’-inspired penthouse apartment in Nashville

Taylor Swift created her own “Wonderland” inside her whimsical Nashville penthouse apartment.

Swift, 34, snagged the multi-level condo for nearly $2 million back in 2009, and, despite it once being an ultra-modern bachelor pad, the “Cruel Summer” has since turned it into a maximalist’s dream.

The “All Too Well” singer was just 20 when she purchased the 3,240-square-foot abode on Nashville’s Music Row.

The pop star spent 18 months gut-renovating the three-bedroom home to achieve her dream creative space, which she once told Vanity Fair was “Tim Burton-Alice in Wonderland-pirate ship-Peter Pan”-inspired.

Taylor Swift in her Nashville penthouse.

Taylor Swift’s Nashville penthouse is straight out of a fairytale. Netflix

Taylor swift's apartment in Nashville

Swift is the proud owner of a three-bedroom penthouse in the heart of Nashville — one of her two residences in Music City. Adelicia Complex

Taylor Swift in her Nashville apartment.

Swift purchased the penthouse in 2009 for just under $2 million. Netflix

Walking in the front door, guests are immediately greeted with a sensory overload, from the splashes of colorful wallpaper to the koi pond sitting in the middle of the living room.

The pond, which houses actual fish to her cat Meredith’s dismay, “sits beneath a wrought-metal spiral staircase leading to a human-sized bird cage,” according to Swift’s 2012 interview with Rolling Stone.

Swift, of course, designed the bird cage herself, calling it the “most comfortable place in the world” lined with pillows and blankets.

The floor-to-ceiling windows inside the corner duplex look out to the Great Smoky Mountains beyond Nashville, a stark contrast to the busy design inside the space.

Koi Pond in Taylor swift's nashville home

Swift even added a Koi pond into the middle of her living room. Taylor Swift/Instagram

Taylor swift in her nashville home.

The koi pond ledge also apparently makes for a great concert platform. Instagram

Beyond the foyer — lined with “frames of brightly colored paper flowers” — lies “a six-foot topiary rabbit,” per Vanity Fair.

The walls, some brick and some covered in colorful wallpaper, are full of photos of Swift with some of her closest friends and family.

“I need to have pictures of people I love everywhere,” Swift told VF in 2012.

However, above the massive stone fireplace with an ornate blue face, Swift also framed a photo of the infamous moment when Kanye West interrupted her 2009 VMA acceptance speech.

“Life is full of little interruptions,” she reportedly wrote in gold pen atop the picture on her mantel, sitting right next to the award itself.

Taylor Swift in her Nashville apartment

The renovation lasted over a year, which turned the apartment into an “Alice In Wonderland” masterpiece. Netflix

Taylor swift in front of her fire place

A two-sided fireplace sits in the middle of the koi pond. CBS/60 minutes

While Swift utilized every inch of wall space in the apartment, she also made the most of the vaulted ceilings, covering one section with “billowing curtains” and another with “a painted indigo night sky.”

Hanging from the ceiling are several colorful crystalline stars, shimmering chandeliers and colorful curtains along the window-lined walls.

The sligthly more casual sitting room is decorated with a maroon couch, vintage wood furniture and lots of knick-knacks — including her collection of old bottles and antique books — scattered along her carefully curated bookcases.

Taylor swift and her cat at her Nashville apartment.

The corner unit features floor-to-ceiling windows, which are covered by colorful curtains. Instagram

Taylor Swift in her Nashville home

The eclectic home is covered in wallpaper and bouts of different colors. Instagram

A large wood dining table sits on the other side of the room next to a large bar top area with several cushioned and, of course, colorful chairs.

The floors are covered with faded Persian rugs sitting atop oak hardwood floors.

The living space flows right into her open-concept kitchen — which is just as eclectic as the rest of the home.

Swift gave fans a glimpse into the maximalist space in her “Miss Americana” documentary, showing off her cooking skills and her design style.

taylor swift in her nashville home

She even has a cozy human-sized birdcage in her formal living room. TBS/All Access

Taylor Swift and Katie Couric in her Nashville kitchen

Her kitchen mixes a multitude of different patterns and colors, with hand painting on the cabinets. TBS/All Access

The kitchen is straight out of a fairy tale, with a heart-tiled backsplash, rounded archways and cabinetry painted in different shades of blue, red and yellow.

It looks like Swift adorned the cabinets with some doodles herself as each cupboard features hand-painted floral designs of varying colors and sizes.

Her stainless steel ovens are covered with different stickers to match her menagerie of different colored plates and bowls.

A massive wood island sits in the middle of the room with a black and gold hood placed directly above it.

Taylor Swift and friends in her Nashville kitchen

She once described her style as “Tim Burton-Alice in Wonderland-pirate ship-Peter Pan”-inspired. Instagram

Taylor swift and friend at her nashville home

She also added lots of personal touches to the space, with photos of her friends and family lining the walls in gold frames. Instagram

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While most of her home is decked out in every shade of the rainbow, her second-story bedroom is “everything white and fluffy.”

Swift once shared a look into the luxe suite on her Tumblr, showing one of her cats sitting atop her plush, cream-upholstered bed frame.

Her bedroom walls are covered in tan-and-white floral wallpaper and she hung several vintage-looking mirrors above her bed.

For privacy, the “Anti-Hero” star draped white, tiered curtains along the windows, matching her bedside table lampshades.

Taylor Swifts cat in her Nashville home

Every creative element of the home was seemingly chosen by the hitmaker herself. Netflix

Taylor swift's bedroom in her nashville home.

However, her bedroom is a sanctuary from the mayhem downstairs and is decorated in all-white. Instagram

Although the quirky Nashville condo is certainly one of Swift’s most creative spaces, the singer-songwriter owns several other impressive pieces of property.

The 14-time Grammy winner’s $80 million real estate portfolio also features her $50 million NYC compound and her saltbox house on the coast of Rhode Island.

She also snagged up another property — known as the Northumberland Estate — in Nashville in June 2011, where she spends most of her time while in Music City.

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