Travis Kelce’s Admission About The “Filthy” Way He Lived Before Taylor Swift Is Giving Fans The Ick

Swifties are finding even more reasons to doubt Travis’ character after his recent confessions about his college days.

Travis Kelce andTaylor Swift

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Travis Kelce may be dating one of the most popular pop stars in the world (aka. Taylor Swift), but the NFL star isn’t afraid to get candid about his former gross habits, including the way he and his older brother Jason lived during college, which he described as “filthy.”

While reminiscing on their newest New Heights podcast episode that aired on Wednesday, February 21, Travis, 34, and Jason, 36, delved into their collegiate years as football players at the University of Cincinnati during the early 2000s.

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Among the anecdotes they recounted, one memory emerged: their shared living space with fellow teammates, marked by a peculiar centerpiece—a sprawling outdoor garbage can stationed right in the heart of their living room. The trash receptacle, sans lid, stood as a testament to their youthful exuberance, adorned with a towering stack of pizza boxes, assorted beer bottles, and lingering leftovers, the brothers explained during the episode.

Travis Wasn’t Afraid To Describe How Disgusting His Apartment Got

Travis Kelce


Travis admitted the setup left their apartment with a foul smell, serving as a humorous yet telling testament to the reckless attitude and behavior they had in their college days.

“It was exactly what we needed because we were a bunch of filthy animals,” Travis remarked. “It was a filthy, but f—king fun house, man. Endless memories.”
Jason then chimed in, adding, “The amount of parties and fun we had. I mean it doesn’t get that much better than the times we were in that household, for sure.”
The brothers didn’t stop there, providing intimate details of just how out-of-hand their college parties would become. Jason first started university in 2006, with Travis following in his footsteps two years later.

The pair recalled some of Jason’s most impulsive acts—an infamous punch that bore a hole in their residence’s wall, alongside an accident that resulted in a sink being ripped from its moorings during his freshman year.

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Reflecting on the aftermath, Travis reminisced how their antics necessitated extensive repairs, with their teammate Evan Davis assuming the role of household mender, helping to patch up all the walls and doing extensive renovations, including floors, doors, and windows, to restore semblance to their home before moving out.

Travis then recalled a time where his older brother assumed the role of team mixologist, regaling the college team with whiskey refreshments. Recounting the St. Patrick’s Day festivities, Travis detailed how Jason ingeniously repurposed a water bottle, filling it to the brim with Jameson and indulging during spring practice (and he still made it to the NFL).

Travis’ Comments Have Made Taylor Swift’s Fans Uncomfortable Before

Travis’ scandalous tales from his college years aren’t necessarily giving Swifties the best impression, which comes after he gave people the ick online as a cringey video of him singing “Viva Las Vegas” went viral online.

The athlete’s comments have stirred controversy before, including off-handed comments he made about wanting to find a “breeder” to have kids with to win back his mom’s favor, which he said on his podcast shortly before his relationship with Taylor was revealed to the public.

Add in the public warning Taylor received from one of Travis’ ex-girlfriends, and it’s led some Swifties to argue they have reason to doubt Travis’ intentions in dating Taylor.

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