Wendy Williams’ Son Exposes Kevin Hunter’s Attempt to Exploit ‘Wendy-be’: Shocking Details Revealed

Wendy Williams, once a titan in daytime talk shows, is now embroiled in a tumultuous family drama that has captivated audiences and tabloids alike.

At the center of this saga is her son, Kevin Jr., who recently spoke out against his father, Kevin Hunter Sr., alleging ongoing financial manipulation targeting Wendy.

Wendy Williams Son Drags Kevin Hunter For Trying To Use Wendy - YouTube

The turmoil traces back to Wendy’s tumultuous marriage to Kevin Hunter Sr., which ended in divorce nearly five years ago after his affair with Sharina Hudson resulted in a pregnancy. Despite the divorce, Kevin Jr. claims his father continues to exploit Wendy financially, prompting him to publicly denounce his father’s actions.

Kevin Jr.’s revelations shed light on the long-standing tensions within the family, including a physical altercation between him and Kevin Sr. over financial matters. Kevin Jr. has been vocal about his concerns for his mother’s well-being, accusing those around her of prioritizing financial gain over her health.

This familial strife coincides with Wendy’s own health struggles, including complications from Graves’ disease and a battle with COVID-19. Reports have circulated about her mental health, with allegations of early onset dementia and concerns about her ability to make sound decisions.

Wendy Williams' Son Evicted From Apartment

Amidst these challenges, Wendy’s professional endeavors have faced setbacks, including the cancellation of her talk show and failed attempts to launch a podcast. Her financial woes have been compounded by legal battles with Kevin Sr. over alimony payments, further complicating her situation.

As Wendy navigates these turbulent waters, her son’s unwavering support serves as a beacon of hope amidst the chaos. However, the road to recovery appears fraught with obstacles, as Wendy grapples with both personal and financial challenges while striving to reclaim control of her life.

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