What Is Jason Kelce Doing After Retirement? What We Know About His Post-NFL Life So Far

Here’s what the Philadelphia Eagles center, who announced his retirement from the NFL in March 2024, has said about his plans after professional football

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Jason Kelce attends Thursday Night Football Presents The World Premiere of "Kelce"

Jason Kelce attends the world premiere of “Kelce” in September 2023. PHOTO: LISA LAKE/GETTY IMAGES FOR PRIME VIDEO

Jason Kelce is officially retired from the NFL.

The Philadelphia Eagles center — who was drafted by the team in the sixth round of the 2011 NFL Draft — announced his retirement during an emotional press conference on March 4.

“So this all brings us here to today, where I announce that I am retiring,” Kelce said through tears nearly 40 minutes into his speech. “Where I announce I am retiring from the NFL after 13 seasons with the Philadelphia Eagles and today, I must admit, I am officially overrated, vastly overrated.”

Kelce is widely considered to be among the greatest centers in NFL history. He was selected to seven Pro Bowls, was named first-team All-Pro six times and clinched one Super Bowl title throughout his accomplished 13-season football career.

In the last five of those seasons, Kelce has doubled as a dad. The athlete is the father of three daughters — Wyatt, 4, Elliotte, 23 months, and Bennett, 12 months — with whom he shares with his wife, Kylie.

“She has also given me three beautiful girls and a life that increasingly brings me more fulfillment off the field than it does on,” Kelce said of his wife during the press conference. “I think one of the best things a person can be in this world is a father.”

Now that Kelce is officially retired from the NFL, fans have started to speculate about what the future might look like for the athlete. While Kelce didn’t specifically address his plans during the press conference, he has previously opened up about a few possibilities.

Here’s everything we know about Kelce’s future following retirement.

Will Jason Kelce still be involved with the Philadelphia Eagles after retiring from the NFL?

October 16, 2022, Philadelphia, PA, USA: October 16, 2022: Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver DeVonta Smith (6) is congratulated by center Jason Kelce (62) after a touchdown reception during the NFL football matchup between the Dallas Cowboys and the Philadelphia Eagles at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Jason Kelce of the Philadelphia Eagles celebrates after his team scored a touchdown during a game in October 2022.AP

Although Jason Kelce announced his retirement from the NFL, it doesn’t necessarily mean that he’s stepping away from the Philadelphia Eagles for good! The retired center previously spoke about the potential to stay involved with the organization despite not physically playing for the team.

“I don’t know what’s going to happen for me, but I do know I still want to be involved in the organization and still want to be a part of it, regardless of what the decision is,” Kelce told The Philadelphia Inquirer in January.

“Because I don’t want to ever feel like I’m on the outside looking in on these achievements and these accolades and these opportunities that largely represent entire cities and fan bases and organizations,” he continued. “It’s too good a feeling to pass up.”

Will Jason Kelce coach after retiring from the NFL?

Philadelphia Eagles center Jason Kelce (62) gets ready to snap the ball during a NFL football game between the Denver Broncos and the Philadelphia Eagles on November 5,2017 at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia, PA. Eagles won 51-23

Jason Kelce gets ready to snap ball during a game between the Denver Broncos and the Philadelphia Eagles in November 2017.ANDY LEWIS/ICON SPORTSWIRE VIA GETTY

In February 2024, Kelce opened up on The Big Podcast with Shaq about the possibility of coaching football after he retires from the NFL. While he considered it, he was specific about the level at which he’d pursue the career.

“If it was the number one school in Philadelphia, I might take it,” Kelce said on the podcast. “My in-laws help out, I’m Philly right now… we’d be lost without their help with our girls and everything,” he explained in reference to his three daughters.

“Cleveland Heights would be something though. NFL, that’s a big time commitment,” Kelce continued. “College, no. Not interested. It’s too much, you gotta recruit, you gotta coach, you’ll never be with your family.”

Kelce said the “the best two levels” of coaching football are high school and the NFL — with high school, he said, “you get to develop kids and really form them and help them grow into men and really offer that guidance.”

As for the NFL, Kelce said ,”you get to compete at the highest level.” While it’s “still a time commitment,” he said “financially it kinda makes sense.”

Will Jason Kelce spend more time with his family after retiring from the NFL?

Jason Kelce and family at training camp

Jason Kelce, his wife Kylie and their three daighters at training camp.KYLIE KELCE/INSTAGRAM

Kelce balanced life as a professional athlete and being dad of three for the last five seasons of his career. “I am a product of my upbringing,” the NFL star said during his retirement press conference.

“I think one of the best things a person can be in this world is a father,” he continued. “A father who is present, loving, and devoted just might be the greatest gift a child could ask for in our society.”

Following his retirement, he won’t have a busy NFL schedule. Plus, his energy can now be put towards playing with his kids.

Kelce’s wife, Kylie, previously told PEOPLE: “I always tell people that no matter what happens with football, how it ends, I would like him to retire when he’s still able to get down on the floor and play with our kids comfortably.”

In a scene from Kelce — the feature-length Prime Video documentary that follows Jason through the 2022-2023 season — Kylie showed that the injuries the NFL star sustains on the field impact his life at home as well.

“I don’t think people realize the beating you’re taking then impacts the way you interact with your family,” she said in a confessional. “He’s been telling me for years that he was going to retire and now we are expecting our third daughter,” she added.

What has Donna Kelce said about Jason Kelce’s retirement plans?

Donna Kelce and Jason Kelce attend Thursday Night Football Presents The World Premiere of "Kelce" on September 08, 2023

Donna Kelce and Jason Kelce attend the world premiere of “Kelce” in September 2023.LISA LAKE/GETTY

Donna, the mother of Jason and Travis Kelce, previously spoke with PEOPLE about what life could look like for her football playing sons in retirement. She said she “can’t believe that [Jason and Travis] wouldn’t be in the future involved with football in some capacity because they love it so much.”

Donna pointed out their respective personalities. “I know them,” the proud mom explained of her “very determined” and “very focused” sons.

“Anything they want to do, I truly believe they could do. I’ve seen it over and over again,” Donna continued. “They are just very tenacious, very much, ‘I’m going to see this through.’ They just never give up. They just keep moving on.”

And though Donna said she has “a feeling sports is going to be in there somewhere if they could,” she pointed out that it’s “fun to see” Jason be a parent, too! “It’s just so heartening to see how he is as a father and a husband,” she said of her son.

It’s “so heartening — unless he’s going to do an antic,” she joked, referencing Jason’s celebratory shirtless moment that went viral when he stripped during the Chiefs game against the Buffalo Bills on Jan. 21. “But it’s funny,” she added. “He’s a crazy good guy” and an “absolutely” fun dad!

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