Kris Jenner shares why she cheated on Rob Kardashian ‘My life’s biggest regret’

Kris Jenner shares why she cheated on Rob Kardashian ‘My life’s biggest regret’

In this week’s episode of “The Kardashians”, Kris Jenner finally addressed her reasons for cheating on her former husband, the late Robert Kardashian Sr.

Khloe Kardashian put the Hollywood momager in the hot seat in the Oct. 26 episode of the Hulu series, when she bluntly asked, “What was your mindset when you cheated?”

Pressing the question, she continued, “When you did that with my dad, and you had four kids and you had a family?

A visibly uncomfortable  Kris calmly responded to her daughteradmitting that, “being really young and dumb is something that plays into it because you don’t really understand the consequences of your actions.”

Not satisfied with the answer, Khloe kept pressing. “But what was my dad not doing that made you want to look elsewhere?”


Kris didn’t seem to understand herself. “I don’t know, because he was such a great husband and such a great dad, and I think that I fell into a situation where I thought that the grass was greener somewhere else, and I made a huge mistake. That’s my life’s biggest regret.”

The whole conversation was sparked by Khloe reflecting on her relationship with serial cheater Tristan Thompson, who’s also the father of her two children True and Tatum.

In an on-camera confessional, Kris says her hope is that Khloe has a different outcome with Tristan.

“When I got divorced, Robert and I became best friends. We talked on phone all day long, helped each other through things all the time, and I did have regrets,” Kris explained. “I thought, Wow, what I was thinking? So I want Khloé to be really careful when she makes these decisions and she has to let somebody go.”
LOS ANGELES, UNITED STATES: Murder defendant O.J. Simpson (R) consults with friend Robert Kardashian (C) and Alvin Michelson (L), the attorney representing Kardashian, during a hearing about Kardashian taking the witness stand in the O.J. Simpson murder case 03 May in Los Angeles. The prosecution wants to call Kardashian to the witness stand to question him on missing bags that O.J. Simpson took on his flight to Chicago on the night of the murders. AFP PHOTO (Photo credit should read Vince Bucci/AFP via Getty Images)Robert Kardashian (C) is pictured next to O.J. Simpson during Simpson’s murder murder on May 3, 1995. (Vince Bucci/AFP via Getty Images)
While owning her faults, the Kardashian-Jenner matriarch also acknowledged that some good came out of it all.

“I’m not proud of the way I behaved during that time, but you know what? Everything happens for a reason,” she said. “I really do live my life by thinking God has a plan, and without that whole thing happening, there never would’ve been Kendell and Kylie.”

As for Khloe, she and the Cleveland Cavaliers center split in 2021 after his several cheating scandals. She tells her mom that she’s “totally happy” now focusing on her children.

New episodes of The Kardashians stream Thursdays on Hulu.



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