Fans screamed when a Vietnamese guy proposed to his girlfriend of 8 years on the Taylor Swift show

When the melody of the song “champagne problems” rang out at Taylor Swift’s concert in Singapore, Anh Minh knelt down and proposed to Phuong Uyen. The boy prepared for 7 months for this happy moment.

On the evening of March 4, during the night of singer Taylor Swift’s The Eras Tour in Singapore, a Vietnamese couple became the center of attention with a romantic proposal on the stage. In particular, both prepared rings and expressed their desire to stay with the other half for life in the presence of many “swifties” (Taylor Swift’s fan name).

The owners of the proposal were Le Anh Minh (born 1998, Hanoi) – working in the media field – and his girlfriend Nguyen To Phuong Uyen (born 1998, Hanoi) – working in the field of education. The couple has been together for 8 years and are fans of America’s “country music princess”.

Sharing with reporters, Anh Minh said that from around July 2023, when he heard that Taylor Swift would go to Singapore to perform, he asked Phuong Uyen: “If I propose to you here, will you agree? “. Seeing that his girlfriend had expressions indicating that she would nod, the boy was determined to hunt for tickets so they could both go to the lion island.

However, because of the popularity of Shake It Off’s voice, during the presale of her concert (tour) tickets, Anh Minh had to mobilize friends to support and anxiously waited for 24 hours to get tickets. Get a pair of VIP tickets worth ~400 USD/ticket on the evening of March 4. After he was sure he had a ticket, he expressed to his girlfriend his intention to propose a special marriage.

“My girlfriend is not the type of person who likes to propose in a crowded place. Therefore, I shared it in advance so that she would not be put in an awkward situation, embarrassed or forced to agree. I hope this will It’s a special memory for the two of us,” the boy said.

Fan hò hét khi chàng trai Hà Nội cầu hôn bạn gái 8 năm ở show Taylor Swift - 1

Anh Minh and Phuong Uyen are both Taylor Swift fans and decided to mark an important milestone in love at their idol’s show (Photo: NVCC).

Mr. Minh also told Phuong Uyen that he chose to propose with the music “Champagne Problems” in the background – a song that has special meaning to the two of them. This song is written about a failed marriage proposal but the guy wants to “break the marriage” in this melody. Coincidentally, Phuong Uyen also had the same intention.

“I planned to propose to her during the intro music because this is a deep song, not too exciting like Love Story, which is often chosen by couples for this occasion. When rehearsing, the thoughts that will be expressed should take about 30 seconds. I imagined that after Uyen proposed again, the lyrics would be inserted into the song. I told her to change the song to another song, but in the end, we both still chose the same,” he said.

Being a person who cries quickly, Anh Minh cried right from the moment the show started, partly because he met Taylor Swift in real life for the first time. At the important moment, he was emotional but had to laugh when his girlfriend took out a dog-shaped ring box and proposed to him.

“I think if I didn’t choose the song Love Story to propose, it would be more normal than other couples. Moreover, at that time, the stage was a bit dark, so I just gave my phone and asked two audience members sitting nearby to help record it. memorable moment. But when I knelt down to propose, everyone around us shined flash lights on the two of us. I was truly surprised by the support of international friends,” Anh Minh recalled.

Fan hò hét khi chàng trai Hà Nội cầu hôn bạn gái 8 năm ở show Taylor Swift - 2

Anh Minh – Phuong Uyen’s marriage proposal received the blessings of many people (Photo: NVCC).

For Anh Minh and Phuong Uyen, everything happened so happily. Initially, the two only planned to post the marriage proposal video on their personal pages to share with colleagues and close friends for everyone to enjoy, not expecting to attract thousands of shares and congratulatory comments. Besides, The Eras Tour Singapore’s official X account also shared this moment.

Mr. Minh revealed that the total cost of the couple’s trip to Singapore to meet their idol was more than 50 million VND, not including the money to buy a proposal ring. The two have not yet set a wedding date.

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