An awkward kiss cam snub gave an NBA fan the worst moment of his life (VIDEO) tt

A fan had the worst moment of his life during an NBA game, having gotten snubbed by a female after trying to kiss her during an embarrassing jumbotron appearance.

Appearing on the jumbotron is usually a fun experience, no matter the sport, but it has produced some awkward moments over its very entertaining history. And the fan seen in the video below has probably already decided that he’s had enough basketball games for one lifetime because of it.

NBAfans on Kiss Cam

Said fan found himself front and center when the kiss cam panned to him and his female friend while they sat through the early stages of a game between the Memphis Grizzlies and Orlando Magic. It took them a while to realize they were up and, once they did, the guy bravely went in for the kiss. Much to his embarrassment, the girl laughed as she pulled away.

They both laughed it off awkwardly thereafter, but you could tell the dude wished he could have disappeared into a hole.

If getting snubbed and friend-zoned on live television isn’t the most embarrassing experience one can go through, we’re not sure what is. Of course, it could have been worse – she could have slapped him. It was gonna sting either way.

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