Because of negative influences, Beyoncé chooses to transfer to Blue Ivy School. tt

In a surprising turn of events, global icon Beyoncé has made the decision to change her daughter Blue Ivy’s school, citing concerns over the negative influences impacting her young daughter’s educational experience.

The Grammy-winning artist, known for her fierce dedication to family and her commitment to providing the best for her children, is taking a proactive stance to ensure Blue Ivy’s growth in a positive and nurturing environment.

Trevor Noah kicked off his fourth round of Grammys hosting duty by … hyping up people who weren’t there yet. During his opening monologue, he stood over the empty chair of Meryl Streep (who showed up with her son-in-law,

Beyoncé Fans Defend Blue Ivy Against Online Criticism

Barbie soundtrack producer Mark Ronson—who knew?) and assured us that she’d soon be sitting in it. Sure enough, she walked up just as he was wrapping up that bit. Same with Taylor Swift,

who could be seen walking to her seat with Jack Antonoff and Co. right as Noah promised her arrival. “I say the names, and they pop out!” he claimed, though the same couldn’t be said for Beyoncé, who arrived at least an hour after Noah said her appearance was imminent as well.

(The Queen’s late arrival has become as much a tradition as the Recording Academy’s insistence on snubbing her.)

But these fashionably late arrivals did little to dull Noah’s enthusiasm. Was it too much? Well, unless you believe Ed Sheeran is “one of the greatest performers of all time”

and that Doja Cat’s Scarlet is up there with the Mona Lisa and Romeo & Juliet as “one of the best pieces of work that’s ever been put out,” then probably.

But after Jo Koy’s disastrous Golden Globes appearance last month and hearing the same jokes every year at the Oscars about how movies are too long, is it so bad to see an awards show host who seems

to actually like the art that’s being awarded? Count how many jabs there are at the three-plus-hour runtimes of Oppenheimer and Killers of the Flower Moon at the Oscars next month and get back to me.

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