Bernie Mac’s Daughter Praises Katt Williams for Genuine Support in Viral Interview Criticizing Other Comedians. tt

I truly value the authentic love and respect that Katt Williams demonstrated towards my father,” expressed Ja’Niece McCullough.

Ja’Niece McCullough, daughter of the late comedy legend Bernie Mac, has offered her perspective on Katt Williams’ recent interview, which has garnered over 29 million views on the “Club Shay Shay” podcast in just four days.

Steering clear of the more contentious aspects of the nearly three-hour episode, McCullough instead chose to highlight Williams’ commendation of her father while addressing fellow comedians, particularly Steve Harvey, who reportedly made disparaging remarks about Mac before his passing in 2008.

“I haven’t personally met Katt Williams; he’s someone I never got the chance to meet while my dad was alive. But based on everything I’ve heard my dad say, he always seemed like a genuine person,” McCullough shared in a video circulating on social media. She found the interview humorous and appreciated how Williams shed light on the competitiveness within their industry.

During the podcast, Williams revealed that he was invited to join The Original Kings of Comedy — consisting of Harvey, Cedric The Entertainer, and D.L. Hughley — following Mac’s departure. Despite the group’s success, Williams declined the offer due to Harvey’s alleged efforts to hinder his television and movie career.

“I respect Katt Williams immensely for his words,” McCullough expressed. “It felt authentic. Some individuals are now praising my dad after his passing, which I find questionable because they weren’t doing so when he was alive. This applies not only to celebrities but to people from all walks of life.”

She emphasized that Williams’ admiration for her father validates Mac’s integrity. “It’s heartening to know that my dad was a man of his word, consistent with how he was perceived by others — because sometimes we can have a certain perception of people, only to discover later.”

McCullough concluded, “I genuinely appreciate the love and respect that Katt Williams showed my father.” She also expressed willingness to have a conversation with Williams. In October, she launched the “Bernie’s Daughter Podcast,” featuring former “The Bernie Mac Show” co-stars and comedians such as Mo’Nique and Cedric.

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