Drew Barrymore and Christina Aguilera Establish a Close Bond Through Raising Daughters and Considering Their Vibrant Pasts. tt

Drew Barrymore and Christina Aguilera are opening up about their approach to raising empowered daughters.

During a candid conversation on Barrymore’s talk show, the two celebrities discussed their desire for their daughters to embrace their womanhood while navigating conversations about their own past experiences in Hollywood.

Barrymore shared an anecdote about her daughter expressing interest in wearing a crop top, to which she responded by acknowledging her own past as a Playboy cover model. Aguilera, relating to the experience, shared that her daughter also shows interest in similar clothing choices.

Both women emphasized the importance of instilling a strong sense of self in their daughters while empowering them to embrace their bodies and sexuality on their own terms. They reflected on their past experiences of expressing themselves and feeling empowered in their choices.

Aguilera emphasized that their past actions were driven by personal empowerment rather than external validation, encouraging their daughters to embrace what makes them feel confident and womanly.

Their conversation highlights the complexities of parenting in the spotlight and the importance of fostering self-assurance and empowerment in young girls.

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