Dwight Howard Counter Suing Alleged Ex-Boyfriend For Millions. tt

Back in November, Dwight Howard had his character attacked when he had to deal with accusations from a transgender dropping a damning thread on Twitter that features trans sex parties, a homophobic preacher allegedly running interference and receipts in the form of audio recordings and screen caps.

People made their jokes but Howard never responded.

That all changed when Masin Elije sued Howard for assault, infliction of emotional distress and more.

The lawsuit alleged “Mr. Elije started receiving threats to his safety and well-being via a multitude of phone calls, text messages, communications on various social media platforms and emails, all of which were from unfamiliar or disguised sources.”

Now, according to Bossip, the Washington Wizards star is counter-suing the YouTuber for $10 million in a lawsuit that claims his relationship with Elije never happened.

“Howard also countersued Elije – the author of the ‘hood novel “Industry Hoe” – for libel, slander, invasion of privacy and abusive litigation, according to court docs obtained by BOSSIP.

Dwight Howard is being sued by a man who alleges he was forced into a threesome with the ex-NBA star | Marca

Howard said there is no truth to Elije’s claims and his accuser doesn’t deserve a penny from the lawsuit, Howard’s court papers, which were obtained by BOSSIP, state. The athlete said Elije’s complaint doesn’t have viable legal claims, that Elije never officially served him and any alleged injuries were caused by his own negligence.

Howard said Elije – whose real name is Maurice Singletary – has launched a campaign of harassment and intimidation against him on social media, and included what he said were untrue tweets purportedly from Elije with quotes like:

“I was afraid to speak but today my life was threatened after I was sexually harassed, threatened and manipulated by someone I respected, my ex-boyfriend NBA player Dwight Howard and his camp also ‘catfished’ by his disrespectful a** PASTOR (sic).”

“Mr. Howard is an upstanding citizen in all respects,” Howard’s counterclaim says. “Unfortunately, his public life and generosity have made him the target of the plaintiff as unrelenting and hostile smear campaign. And Maurice Singletary continues to aggressively harass, threaten, call and text Mr. Howard and besmirch his reputation on various social media platforms.”

Howard is currently asking for a jury trial for his countersuit.

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