Lil Nas X wows with ‘BABY BUMP’ at his extravagant baby shower complete with cake and balloons – just before the release of his debut studio album Monter. tt

Lil Nas X flaunted his ‘pregnant belly’ while marking his baby shower in a series of snapshots posted on his Instagram account this Wednesday.

The rapper, aged 22, shared snapshots from his extravagant baby shower on Wednesday, complete with balloon displays, cake, and even a throne. Playfully captioning the event, he joked, ‘about to kick off my baby shower.’

Later, he posted a promotional video for his upcoming debut album, Montero, where he’s seen wandering around an empty venue after no one showed up.

In the snapshots, Lil Nas X wore a vibrant multicolored silk robe paired with white pants. He accessorized with a diamond-encrusted butterfly necklace and earrings, all while proudly showcasing his ‘pregnant stomach.’

Despite his busy schedule promoting the album, Lil Nas X was spotted heading out to dinner in New York City, sporting a white sequined shirt, multicolored boots, and a protective face mask.

In anticipation of Montero’s release, the rapper shared a promotional video on Instagram, featuring him entering an empty baby shower and exploring gifts from celebrities like Miley Cyrus and Elton John.

Although he humorously mentioned in the caption that he spent hours preparing for the baby shower, Lil Nas X revealed no one showed up.

Montero, his debut album, is set to drop on September 17th, featuring collaborations with various artists.

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