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The latest news in the NBA features Lakers ace LeBron James and NBA Legend Kevin Garnett. The former Celtics star has put forward some serious accusations featuring the Lakers star. If proven true, it could have severe consequences for James, potentially leading to a suspension or even a ban from the NBA

Garnett accused LeBron James of using steroids, which is a very serious accusation against any athlete in any field of sport. However, these statements by Garnett give us an insight into his relationship with the Lakers’ ace.

Legendary NBA Star Appears To Accuse LeBron Of Using Steroids - The Spun: What's Trending In The Sports World Today

Kevin Garnett accuses LeBron James of using Steroids

Celtics star Kevin Garnett recently came forward and accused LeBron James of using steroids. Garnett was with his partner in crime, Paul Pierce, on his “KG Certified” podcast and was discussing the current performance of LeBron James’ oldest son Bronny James and his prospects of getting into the NBA. During their conversation, Garnett dropped the bomb and accused James of using steroids.

During their conversation, Pierce asserted that Bronny could get a bucket on Bron. Garnett immediately denied Pierce’s argument and said, “No, he can’t.” Peirce reaffirmed his stance and spoke in support of Bronny, stating that he is an explosive talent. However, Garnett denied his argument once again and said, “His dad is on that BALCO, he is on that new juice.” KG claimed that Bron is using a steroid called BALCO and because of that, Bronny won’t be able to stand equal to his father on the court.

Relationship between Kevin Garnett and LeBron

The relationship between LeBron James and Kevin Garnett is a mix of fierce competition and occasional controversy. They are not generally the best of friends and are more like work acquaintances. Garnett and Bron have had some of the most thrilling matches on the biggest stages of them all. Garnett had once bragged about “breaking” the “Chosen One” after the Boston Celtics eliminated the Cleveland Cavaliers in the 2010 NBA playoffs.

Furthermore, Garnett has retired from the sport, and ever since his retirement, he has taken the stance of a pseudo-analyst. He is the host of the KG Certified podcast, where he occasionally invites guests and talks about the NBA and the players. Garnett has often criticized Bron for his plays but on the contrary, he has also praised him where he deserved praise and acknowledged his longevity. Overall, Garnett and LeBron have a relationship where there is mutual respect from both sides.

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What do you think of Kevin Garnett accusing LeBron James of using steroids? What do you think of the relationship between Garnett and Bron? We are eager to know your thoughts, so drop down in the comments and let us know.

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