Stephen A. Smith Awkwardly Spills The Beans On ‘First Take’ Co-Host Molly Qerim’s Frequent Private Phone Calls To Him On Live TV (VIDEO) tt

Stephen A. Smith and Molly Qerim are doing very little to help their case as it pertains to rumors that they’ve been secretly dating.

The ‘First Take’ co-hosts get into friendly arguments daily, chiding each other on random things. But Smith has perhaps gone a bit too far this time, though he recently came under fire for some very suggestive comments he made to he Molly last month.

Stephen A. Smith, Molly Qerim have awkward 'vibrating' segment
Thursday’s episode of the flagship ESPN show saw Smith, Damien Woody, and Kimberly Martin make their picks on who will win the NFC this season. Woody and Martin both picked the Eagles while Stephen A. said he had them down but is having second thoughts.

He wasn’t able to give a pick when pressed by Molly.

“Thanks for educating us on TV,” she said, likely in reference to his use of the word “trepidation.”

Social Media Slams Stephen A. Smith For His Inappropriate Behavior Toward Molly Qerim On Live TV (VIDEO)

“Maybe you could let us know when the show ends,” she added.

“You know, I have to admit to you, I’m pretty focused on how good I’m looking,” Smith responded. “I’m a bit distracted by how smooth I’m looking, and it just shows the hatred because you [Qerim] won’t give me love.”

Molly struggled to get a question in about his pocket square and asked him to stop talking.

“If you tell me to stop talking one more time, I’m gonna wait till you pick up the phone to call me and watch what I do, as much as you talk,” he shot back. “It’s gonna be aight.”

Molly claimed that sometimes there are issues regarding the show that need to be addressed immediately, which is when Smith implied she was lying as he revealed she calls him “just to vent.”

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