Stephen A. Smith Spotted Getting Extra Close With Female Eagles Fan Who Looks Exactly Like Molly Qerim And Even Shares Her Name (PICS) tt

‘First Take’ Host, Stephen A. Smith, is going viral after appearing in a photo next to a female Eagles fan who looks just like his ESPN colleague Molly Qerim.

Smith showed up to the Eagles game against the Cowboys this Sunday and, at one point, took a selfie with a gorgeous fan who, apart from looking like Molly, has the same name as her.

Stephen A. Smith Takes Photo With Molly Qerim Lookalike

The female, who goes by the name Molly Rose, shared the photo on social media and fooled several users who thought she was Qerim, with some even noting that Molly looked a lot better in the photo than she does on TV, which we assume would be taken as a huge compliment.

Check it out below:

The chances of Stephen A. getting close to someone named Molly who looks like Molly and even has the last name of Molly’s ex-husband, Jalen Rose, couldn’t have been that high, yet it happened all the same.


Some fans would also clown the sportscaster for his oversized Jordan hat.

You can see some more photos of Molly below:

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