The audacious claim made by Diddy’s attorney is that Lil Rod’s lawsuit’s plaintiffs are adult women. A new level of excitement to the ongoing legal struggle is added by the rap mogul’s legal team’s denial of the accusations. tt

Diddy’s lawyer, Shawn Holley, is challenging the claims made by Rodney “Lil Rod” Jones in his lawsuit. According to recent reports, two women whose photos were presented as evidence in Jones’ complaint have come forward to refute his allegations of being minors at the time of their interaction with the rap mogul.

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Holley asserts that she has personally spoken with both women mentioned in the lawsuit and confirmed that they are not underage as claimed by Jones. One of the women, identified as Chelsea, is said to be 33 years old and a mother, debunking any suggestion of her being a minor.

Despite their identities being initially concealed in the lawsuit, Chelsea reportedly opted to step forward to clarify her age and distance herself from the controversy. However, she reportedly wishes to maintain her privacy and avoid further public attention.

Furthermore, Holley clarified that the other female seen with Diddy’s son, Justin, is his 32-year-old girlfriend, adding another layer to the narrative surrounding the lawsuit filed by Lil Rod.

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