Kylie Jenner Exposes Kanye’s Drty Secret: The Real Reason the Kardashians Were Snbbed by the Met Gala ?(video)

Kylie Jenner was furious with Kanye West for getting the Kardashians banned from the Met Gala, the most prestigious and exclusive fashion event of the year.

The reality star and makeup mogul took to Twitter to blast her brother-in-law for his controversial comments and actions, which had offended the organizers and sponsors of the gala.

Kanye had recently made headlines for his erratic behavior, such as ranting about politics and religion, wearing a MAGA hat, and announcing his presidential bid.

He had also angered the fashion industry by criticizing Anna Wintour, the editor-in-chief of Vogue and the chair of the Met Gala, for her lack of diversity and creativity.

He had also leaked confidential information about the gala’s theme and guest list, which had violated the rules and etiquette of the event.

Kylie accused Kanye of ruining the reputation and image of the Kardashian family, who had been regular attendees of the gala for years. She said that he had embarrassed and disrespected them, and that he had no right to speak on their behalf.

She also said that she was disappointed and hurt by his actions, as she had been looking forward to attending the gala and showcasing her new fashion line.

Kylie’s tweet sparked a lot of reactions from fans and celebrities, who had mixed opinions on the matter. Some supported Kylie and praised her for standing up to Kanye, while others defended Kanye and criticized Kylie for being ungrateful and selfish.

Some also speculated that this was a sign of a rift between the Kardashian and West families, and wondered how this would affect their relationships and businesses. The Met Gala organizers have not commented on the situation, but sources say that they are unlikely to change their decision and invite the Kardashians back.

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