(X) How does Lady Gaga spend m.oney when she owns a huge fortune of $ 320 million?

It is estimated that the Born This Way singer owns a fortune of up to 320 million USD.

” Lady Gaga’s career is flourishing, so is her bank account”, SCMP opened an article about the House of Gucci star’s wealth on the occasion of her 36th birthday (March 28, 1986).

According to financial reports, Lady Gaga (real name Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta) is holding about 150 million USD. However, Celebrity Networth estimates her total net worth to be more than $320 million.

With this achievement, Lady Gaga can be proud of her ability to m.ake m.oney with artistic products, from singing, acting to advertising. Besides, her income also comes from business.

Hollywood’s versatile star

The name Lady Gaga officially exploded in 2008 with the first album The Fame Monster. After two years of debut, The Fame Monster was honored as the best-selling album and the album sales contributed to a revenue of $62 million for her at that time.

The RIAA estimates the Poker Face vocalist has pocketed at least $80.5 million from digital singles alone. She earned $ 3.5 million after a world tour called The Fame Ball. The next concerts “Born This Way” and “Monster Ball” brought in an additional 167 million USD and 227 million USD, respectively (excluding tax, organization costs, personnel, etc.)

In 2017, Lady Gaga held 74 performances in the Lady Gagas Las Vegas Residency concert series. Tickets for the shows that are open for sale range from 82 to 505 USD, helping the female singer to have another 100 million USD after the end.

“She receives more than a million dollars per s.how, bringing her total revenue from live performances to more than half a billion dollars. Besides Lady Gaga, only four other women have done this: Madonna, Celine Dion, Britney Spears and Beyoncé,” SCMP said.

Lady Gaga recently announced to continue extending the Lady Gagas Las Vegas Residency concert from April 14 to May 1, with ticket prices ranging from $145 to $2,000, depending on the position.

Many people say Lady Gaga is greedy when encroaching on acting, but she always knows how to refine projects. Moreover, even if it is a horizontal hand, the ability to enter the heart of the character of the star born in 1986 is also “not average”.

According to Fox News, Gaga received a salary of about 10 million USD for A Star Is Born – the movie that helped her be named in the category of Best Original Song with Shallow. Her remuneration for 12 episodes of American Horror Story and most recently House of Gucci is not small.

Lady Gaga took advantage of the coverage to raise the price of lucrative advertising contracts for Versace, Google Chrome, Bud Light and a series of other b.ig brands. Before that, she appeared in the PR campaign of the wine and cake brand.

Since 2012, Lady Gaga’s wealth has increased significantly thanks to sales of $ 1 billion from two separate perfume lines. In 2019, she launched a cosmetics brand Haus Labs, estimated to earn $ 141 million in 2020. This is the third best-selling celebrity beauty brand after Rihanna’s Fenty and Kylie Jenner’s Kylie Cosmetics.

Passion for real estate, antiques and cars

In 2014, Lady Gaga spent $22.5 million on real estate in Malibu, USA. She called this place “Gypsy palace” because of its luxury and grandeur. The 954 m2 property has an infinity pool overlooking the ocean, a stable, a bowling alley and a wine cellar with more than 800 bottles of precious wine.

Until recently, People reported that the Always Remember Us This Way vocalist purchased an eclectic Tudor-style mansion in the Hollywood Hills, worth $5.25 million. In addition, Gaga also bought an apartment in London’s Fitzrovia neighborhood and a beautiful Chelsea townhouse for $ 30 million.

Lady Gaga has a hobby of collecting antiques. In 2012, she spent a million dollars to own 55 of the most famous antiquities of the idol Michael Jackson, including the crystal gloves and the jacket from the iconic album Bad.

Not to mention, Gaga successfully auctioned $ 133,000 for the dress of the late designer Alexander McQueen and her close friend at the charity auction.

If you are a longtime fan of the American singer, surely everyone knows about her antique car collection. While many celebrities like to buy cars with modern trends, Gaga is impressed with antique and rare cars.

Paparazzi once caught the singer driving a restored Lincoln Continental 965 convertible, worth $330,000, and a 1969 Chevrolet Nova SS with a list price of $275,000. Her car collection can amount to 1.8 million USD.

According to SCMP, it is no coincidence that Lady Gaga bought a mansion with stables in Malibu. She especially loves horses and bought her first horse in 2015, named Arabella. The female artist also proudly takes good care of French Bulldogs (about 10,000 USD each) and a collection of 27 koi fish imported from Japan for $ 60,000.

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