(X) “I EXPOSED THE TRUTH!” – Katt Williams Reveals Why He Is The Most Hated Comedian + Katt’s Industry Beef (video)

And we’re going to miss out on a lot of the things that they’re going to get over there because we’re not like them, and we don’t do what they do. We’re not willing to do the things they’re willing to, so on drugs, where are the stories? Why is there no story of anybody whoever sold a drug to me, did a drug with me, was around me when I was inebriated, sometimes just as a man, not as an entertainer?

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You’re put in positions where you have to make hard decisions, and a lot of times, you’re counting on the fans to feel a certain way, and uh, sometimes you don’t get that back. That happens in relationships and everyday life. Um, it’s regrettable. It’s cost the entire comedy. Uh, Cat Williams is back, causing a major buzz, and it looks like he’s riding the wave straight into cancel town. He just got on everyone’s bad side, and we’re lowkey loving it.

He just went on Club Shay to expose everyone in the industry, and now he’s got beef with literally everyone. Like, some of his fans are even scared of what could happen to him. He exposed some very powerful people in the industry, and we know what these people are capable of. But Cat does not care.

In a Hot 97 interview, Cat Williams dropped some truth bombs about the speculation around his career, shutting down the talk of him being blackballed in the entertainment game. He made it crystal clear: he built his career from the ground up, hailing from Cincinnati, Ohio, and repping Dayton. Cat started grinding in the comedy scene early on, perfecting his craft. The breakthrough back in 2002, when he jumped into the comedy sketch madness of Nick Cannon’s Wild ‘N Out. And let’s not forget his role in the 2002 film Friday After Next, that was a game changer.

Fast forward to 2006, Cat hit us with his first stand-up special, Cat Williams Live, let apply a play, sealing the deal as one of the funniest in the game. But it ain’t been all laughs. Cat’s been in the ring with celebs like Tiffany Haddish, sparking a beef with Kevin Hart, feuds with Steve Harvey and Jamie Foxx. Yep, that happened too.

Now, the talk about Cat getting blackballed, he’s shutting it down. Despite his outspoken nature, legal roller coasters, and the perception of missing out on mainstream shine, Cat’s setting the record straight. He’s carved his own path in the industry. Sure, he’s been through controversies and legal rides, but Cat Williams stands tall as a comedy icon, with a fan base that’s ride or die.

In The Hot 97 interview, Cat sets the record straight on the idea that he’s been blackballed by the industry, brushing off concerns about being mainstream. He’s all about doing things his way. According to Cat, some fans think he’s been blackballed because he doesn’t mess with commercials or sponsorships. But here’s the real talk: in his two-decade career, he’s never auditioned for a commercial, and he’s never let his tours get sponsored. Whether he was balling or broke, Cat makes it crystal clear: you can’t buy him.

Because he’s not in the store. Sure, mainstream success has been part of his journey. Cat’s been a comedy king, bagging an Emmy for his role in Atlanta, the show created by Donald Glover. But hold up, that Emmy win wasn’t just about personal achievement. Cat breaks it down, saying it was a breakthrough because the industry was ready for the kind of character he brought to the screen.

Coming in, we have to agree that we’re not going to win any awards, and we’re not going to be nobody’s favorite. And we’re going to miss out on a lot of the things that they’re going to get over there because we’re not like them, and we don’t do what they do. We’re not willing to do the things they’re willing to do. Therefore, we won’t get what they get, and we sign up for that on this side.

So, anytime there’s a breakthrough and we do it, it’s monumental. I don’t really think that you could think somebody is brilliant and also tell this narrative of how they might be crazy or they might be on drugs or they might make bad decisions. Bottom line, Cat Williams is all about doing things on his terms, not conforming to mainstream expectations, even if it means passing up on certain opportunities or sponsorships.

“I can’t win over there ’cause I don’t play. I don’t participate like you can’t buy me. Not because I’m not for sale, you can’t buy me ’cause I’m not in the.”

But now, Cat went all out, dissing the entire comedy scene, throwing shade at every comedian, and even dropping hints that the devil’s cooking up trouble in Hollywood. And he exposed it all during his interview with Shannon Sharp on Club Shay. So, if he wasn’t blackballed then, he will be now, because his hater count just went off the charts. But check it, it’s not all hate. There’s a crew rallying behind Cat, vibing with his bold statements that got feathers ruffled, but also snagged some support.

The truth behind his claims is up in the air, and the industry is scratching its head, wondering if Cat’s spilling tea on real issues or just stirring the pot. Let’s get into the Cat Williams interview. No filter here. He went all out, throwing shade at comedians like Steve Harvey, Kevin Hart, Ricky Smiley, and Cedric the Entertainer. Williams didn’t hold back, accusing some of selling out and spilling some major tea about the industry.

Williams straight up called out Steve Harvey, accusing him of swiping the whole vibe for his ’90s sitcom The Steve Harvey Show from Mark Curry’s Hanging with Mr. Cooper. “The same Steve that went to go watch Mark Curry do his whole sitcom and then stole everything Mark Curry had. Now, Steve got a sitcom where he’s the principal and he wears a suit. And he gets this high top fade, making all black men think he got the best lineup in the business. And it’s a man unit.”

According to Williams, Steve was on some next-level copycat move, watching Mark Curry’s sitcom like it was Netflix and just jacking everything. And now he’s rocking a sitcom where he’s a principal, flaunting a fresh high top fade. Cat says it’s got black men thinking Steve’s got the slickest lineup in the game.

Williams didn’t hold back, throwing shade at Harvey’s acting game, saying he never aimed to be a Hollywood hotshot, especially since there aren’t any scripts for a country bumpkin black dude like Harvey, who according to Williams, can’t talk smooth and looks like Mr. Potato Head. Williams straight up said Hollywood needs that versatility, and according to him, Harvey’s range is like Mia or something.

Cat’s also judging Kevin for saying he wasn’t real about not wanting to be a movie star, knowing well that wasn’t the case. “Then you ask, ‘Why you not a movie star?’ ‘I didn’t want to be a movie star.’ That’s the same

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