(X) Lady Gaga’s Fear of Evil Spirits Prompts a $50,000 Investment in a Ghost Detector Device; Sources Affirm She ‘Won’t Take Any Risks’

Lady Gaga once spent an insane amount on a paranormal device as she is afraid of evil spirits. Read on to know the interesting details.

Lady Gaga Once Splurged A Massive Amount On A Ghostbuster Device To Protect Herself From Evil Spirits (Photo Credit – Instagram)

Pop sensation Lady Gaga is known for her eccentric ways, either it is about making a statement on red carpet events or splurging her hard-earned money on unusual items.

The award-winning songstress, who has a net worth of a whopping $320 million, once spent a huge amount of money on a ghost detector device as she claims that she is afraid of evil spirits.

Please scroll down to know the insane amount she spent on the paranormal device.

Lady Gaga, on the work front, is currently filming Todd Phillips’ Joker 2, which also stars Joaquin Phoenix in the lead role. Gaga, in the musical, will portray the role of DC’s Harley Quinn.

Speaking of her ghostbuster device, according to the site The Things, Lady Gaga spent a whopping $50,000 on it. Speaking on the same, sources spilled the beans saying,

“The kooky pop singer is petrified of evil spirits and has apparently had every hotel and tour venue she’s performed and stayed in scanned by a team of pro paranormal investigators before she agreed to reside there.”

The sources added, “Gaga is also rumored to have spent a whopping $50,000 on state-of-the-art Electro Magnetic Field meters to detect ghosts.” The insider added, “She believes in paranormal activity and won’t take any risks when she is on the road. It’s important to her to be safe from spirits.”

Interestingly, Lady Gaga once claimed that her 2010 tour was haunted by a male ghost named Ryan.

Lady Gaga had earlier claimed that she believes she is the reincarnation of her dead aunt Joanne and feels two hearts inside her body. Shedding light on the same, the Grammy-winning crooner stated

“My father’s sister Joanne died when she was 19 and he was 16. And when my mother was engaged to marry my father, they were staying in his house, where he grew up, and a light came into the room and touched her stomach, and went away.”

Gaga further asserted, “She believes that Joanne came into the room and sort of OK’d her for my dad and that Joanne transferred her spirit into my mom.”

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