(X) More “sanguinary” drama details: Miley Cyrus’s younger sister and her stepfather were once “bedfellows”

Miley Cyrus’ family is currently keeping quiet about the “sanguinary” drama.

The focal point of Hollywood is the drama of Miley Cyrus’ mother stealing her new husband Dominic Purcell from her daughter Noah Cyrus. Most recently, other details in this drama have been revealed by sources close to the US media.

The family’s acquaintance told People Friday: “Noah and Dominic met and treated each other like ‘bed friends’. After they stopped meeting, Tish Cyrus took action.” Miley Cyrus’ mother knew Noah’s relationship well but didn’t say anything about her budding affair with Dominic Purcell, nor did she give her daughter a chance to voice her feelings.

He said Noah was offended when he learned his birth mother was meeting and dating his former lover. A source from Us Weekly said: “The discord between Tish and Noah is far beyond what people think. Noah is devastated that Tish stole Dominic from her.”

Noah Cyrus and Dominic Purcell used to be “bed friends.” Tish Cyrus began pursuing the Prison Break star after her daughter and the actor stopped seeing each other

Tish Cyrus reportedly didn’t say anything about the affair, nor did she give her daughter a chance to voice her feelings

The drama surrounding the wedding of Tish Cyrus and the Prison Break star was also revealed. Accordingly, it was Mrs. Tish Cyrus who did not invite 2 children Noah – Braison to the wedding, not the 2 brothers who actively did not come. Miley Cyrus’ mother also blocked her daughter Noah on Instagram after pursuing her ex-love.

In addition, Miley Cyrus was not the one who hired bodyguards for her mother’s wedding as originally reported. In fact, it was Tish Cyrus who hired them to stop Noah-Braison from messing up at the wedding.

Tish Cyrus herself did not invite her daughter Noah to the wedding. Only Brandi, Trace and Miley attended the wedding

Tish Cyrus and the Prison Break star have been engaged since April 2023 and tied the knot in June 2023. Although Noah was surprised and hurt by her mother’s actions, she also found other happiness. In June 2023, Noah Cyrus announced his engagement to fashion designer Pinkus.

To this day, the Cyrus family has remained completely silent about the drama surrounding the family. This sparked much controversy on social media. Many people doubted the authenticity of this “sloppy” drama. But there are also many criticisms of Tish Cyrus.

Noah Cyrus is engaged to boyfriend Pinkus in June 2023

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