(X) Revealing the most attractive bodyguard on the planet, huge profile, Lady Gaga, Adele compete to “procession”

Former Dutch police officer Peter Van der Veen won the “Mister Europe” bodybuilding competition in 2005. A few years later, he left his police job to work as a bodyguard for Hollywood stars. He is the personal bodyguard of many famous names such as Lady Gaga, Adele,…

The image of celebrities in the entertainment world surrounded by bodyguards during events or daily life has become all too familiar. However, there is a bodyguard who has taken the world by storm for a long time because of his appearance and temperament of the “extreme” class, standing out more than famous stars.

And the most attractive bodyguard on this planet is none other than Peter Van der Veen. He originally came from a bodybuilding background, never studied martial arts, but this man from the Netherlands is still trusted by famous stars. He was crowned Mr Europe in 2005.

After retiring from sports, he joined the bodyguard company and became a bodyguard who closely followed and protected the stars. He worked as a bodyguard for Lady Gaga, Iggy Azalea and Adele. Every time he appears with famous stars, he shines in his own way.

Peter van der Veen is 1m83 tall, possesses blue eyes and an extremely masculine beard, with a distinct, unmistakable voice. The guy always wears the right suit, showing off the athletic b.ody of a professional bodybuilder. He also quickly became a “hot character” because of his extremely charming appearance.

According to the Mirror, Adele’s personal bodyguard Peter van der Veen, a Dutchman, has worked as the singer’s bodyguard for years, ever since the “English painter” began her singing career. Peter is also the one who follows Adele every step of the way on every world tour.

Before becoming Adele’s personal bodyguard, Peter van der Veen worked as a personal bodyguard for Lady Gaga as well as Iggy Azalea.

Der Veen spent 9 years serving in the Amsterdam police team (Netherlands) from 2001 to 2010. Before becoming a bodyguard for Adele or Lady Gaga, Der Veen was the captain of the bodyguards of “Demon Mother”. Even while working with Lady Gaga, the singer “utilized” Peter’s husky voice to voice the robot in the song Government Hooker.

As a personal bodyguard, Peter van der Veen always performed his duties to celebrities. No fan or photojournalist can annoy Adele or Lady Gaga when Peter is around. Even this bodyguard is ready to attack extreme fans when they overact with stars.

Der Veen defended Lady Gaga from autograph-hunting fans in 2013 at a hotel in Romania. In March this year, he continued to protect the Applause singer from a c.razy fan blocking the road, as Adele moved from the hotel to her car.

As soon as Adele’s super h.ot artist was noticed by the media, netizens also immediately buzzed about this guy. On Twitter, users constantly posted pictures of the handsome bodyguard and even “envied” Adele when she got such an attractive man with her.

In terms of working style, Peter Van received a lot of praise for his professionalism and reaction to all situations in a quick and sharp way. A person who has worked with the bodyguard said: “I met Peter in real life and as an event director, I appreciate his professional working style. Peter is a polite person who reacts very quickly to every detail. Not only did he ensure the safety of his customers, but he was also very considerate and attentive to others.”

In his social media introduction, Peter said he is a security expert who has many years of experience working with the Amsterdam Police Department. In addition to working as a bodyguard for celebrities, he also manages and comes up with the tactics of a group of professional bodyguards. Most of his clients are A-list artists who often tour around the world.

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