(X) “SHE RUINED MANY CAREERS” – Katt Williams Exp0ses New Details Showing Why Beyonce Is Worse Than We Thought.. (video)

Now only got to deal with the mama only got to see her once a year and it’s over and the money goes up and up and up so they killed this $20 million guy but they reached 60 million in benefits. Beyonce is really not helping Khloe’s project or Chloe’s album I think Beyonce should post because that’s her artist but Beyonce isn’t obligated to post and if Beyonce’s post okay I’m sorry but this is really [ __ ] creepy like Beyonce has been trying to write me out of my own narrative for like years at this point like this is so [ __ ] weird.

After taking down big names like Steve Harvey and Kevin Hart, Cat is now pointing his Cannon of Truth at everyone’s favorite Beyonce. According to the comedian, the star’s meteoric rise to fame is not as glamorous as fans think. Cat is certainly venturing into dangerous territory taking on one of the biggest music icons in the world. The chances of him being chewed up by The Beehive are very high, but that has never stopped the comedian from spilling the truth about the industry. And things ain’t any different this time around either.

In a recent interview, Cat pulled back the curtains on the inner workings of the music industry, revealing how everything is planned to put certain people in positions of power. Though Cat didn’t name-drop anyone this time, some fans think he might be taking shots at Queen Bee herself, revealing how her career is built on the backs of others. Buckle up because the tea is simmering hot as Cat Williams exposes new details showing why Beyonce is worse than we thought.

I’m trying to have a conversation that’s not being had and I’m really sorry that these conversations are being had by a comedian. I wish too that it was a religious leader of some kind having this conversation or somebody’s politician talking about this stuff when it comes to a glamorous musical career, no one’s doing it better than Beyonce. Multiple accolades, a billionaire Empire, and a loyal fan base. The woman has it all.

Ever since the release of her debut album Dangerously In Love, Beyonce has aged like fine wine. However, according to some whistleblowers, Beyonce didn’t get to where she is without some cheap tricks, and the camera is now being panned to expose Beyonce’s true face by the likes of Cat Williams. Over the years, Williams has earned the reputation of a no BS truth teller, spilling the beans about the dark side of the industry that no one else seems to have the guts to reveal.

While Cat had limited himself to big names in the world of comedy and acting before, he’s now expanding his circle of Truth to music icons like Beyonce. During a candid interview with Carrie Champion, Cat got real about how the industry really works. In his words, what fans view as happy accidents that make or break the careers of different artists are all intricately planned plots. It’s based off of pretend that seems like a setup.

Is everything that happens in a business that seems based off a pretend that seems like a setup? Take Janet Jackson’s infamous wardrobe malfunction at the Super Bowl from years ago. According to Cat, there’s always someone benefiting from incidents like these. And that’s exactly what happened in Jackson’s case. Her career fizzled out following the scandalous incident while Justin Timberlake continued to climb the ladder of success.

Bearing that in mind, Cat urges fans to question all that they know about their faves because the truth might not be pretty after all. And that includes Beyonce. With the facts laid out, some fans are still on Beyonce’s side, saying that she did nothing wrong. Others lay the blame on Amy’s label for screwing her over instead of Beyonce. However, one thing is for certain: the water is definitely muddy.

The controversy has changed the way some fans look at Beyonce, and surprisingly, this is only the tip of Beyonce’s shady past. When it comes to sharing the spotlight, Chloe Bailey knows all about how far Beyonce is willing to go to secure her position on the charts and in the industry. Hi and Khloe Bailey caught the eye of the internet singing song covers back in the day, and man did they have some killer vocals for their age.

And guess what? Their first video uploaded in 2011 was none other than a cover of Beyonce’s “Best Thing I Never Had.” Given their undeniable talent, it didn’t take long for the sisters to end up on the Disney child star path. However, the real “I’ve made it” moment came for the sisters when Beyonce personally noticed them in December 2013. Back then, Beyonce had shaken the music industry by releasing her self-titled album, and the sisters made waves with a killer rendition of the opening track “Pretty Hurts.”

The cover eventually ended up on Beyonce’s feed, and what do you know? She liked what she heard. With an eye for talent, Beyonce didn’t waste a second and signed Chloe and Halle to her record label Parkwood Entertainment, taking them under her wing. Safe to say, when it came to securing a mentor to show them the reins, the girls had won the game. Yet surprisingly, the sisters’ careers never took off like fans had expected.

Khloe Bailey released her debut album “In Pieces” on March 31st, 2023. With Beyonce’s mentorship, the album should have broken the charts and set records. But that’s not what happened. “In Pieces” only sold a disappointing 10,000 units during its first week. Of course, fans had a whole lot of questions about why the album of Bay’s protege didn’t do well.

On the surface, Bailey had the perfect recipe for success, so why did she fall short? Well, if you ask DJ Envy, he’ll tell you that Beyonce is the one to blame here, and you might want to hear him out before you throw him to the wolves. According to Envy, it was Beyonce’s responsibility to promote Bailey’s album on her social media accounts.

She’s a global icon with 319 million followers on Instagram. Her word carries weight, but instead, it was crickets on Bey’s social media accounts when it came to Bailey’s album. Even some fans found it odd. They sign or partner with somebody, especially who has a media platform or who has a big platform, you expect them to promote your stuff.

So, with the recent drama unfolding, we have our eyes glued to the horizon for the latest developments in the industry. Keep your popcorn at hand because we’ll be here with all the updates. Until then, keep it Rizzle.

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