(X) “THE MOST DIRTY HUMAN BEING!” – Katt Williams & Samuel L. Jackson Expose Crazy Footage Of Steve Harvey’s Sacrifice For Fame (video)

You mean to tell me if Steve Harvey, your favorite comedian, you mean you’ve been waiting for him to do stand-ups for 15 years now? Man, let me tell you something. I was on vacation with Sam one time, Sam Jackson. We were in Ptoo. We finished dinner one time, we walking back to go get on this boat. “Hey, you’re Samuel Jackson! I want to take a picture,” he said. “What’s the magic word?” [__].

So, Cat Williams just went nuclear on everyone, especially Steve Harvey. He’s not pulling any punches, dropping bombs left and right. Forget about Steve’s iconic ‘stache or Samuel’s killer comedic timing. Cat’s saying Steve’s success ain’t as clean as it seems. The Hollywood scene is buzzing with drama, and it’s all about Samuel L. Jackson and Steve Harvey. You’d think these two heavy hitters would be tight, right? Wrong. There’s some serious tension brewing between them. The big question on everyone’s lips: What exactly is Steve Harvey hiding that’s got Samuel Jackson ready to throw down?

So, Cat’s diving into the beef between Steve and Bernie Mack, claiming Steve was dissing Bernie behind the scenes, thinking he deserved the spotlight more. So yeah, Hollywood’s not all glitz and glam. There’s some serious drama brewing, and Cat’s not holding back on calling it out.

So, Samuel’s known for cracking a joke or two, but this time it’s all business. Rumor has it there might be some hidden secrets lurking in Steve’s closet, and Samuel’s itching to bring them to light. But you know Steve Harvey, he’s not one to take shade lightly. If Samuel goes ahead and spills the beans, we could be in for a Hollywood showdown of epic proportions.

We all know Steve Harvey’s got that signature comedy flare, whether he’s cracking jokes on his radio show or hosting his daytime talk gig. He’s practically a household name by now. But here’s the plot twist: Not everyone’s hopping on the Steve Harvey hype train. Guess who’s not feeling the love? Yep, you guessed it, our man Samuel L. Jackson. Their beef goes deeper than just surface-level gossip. Seems like Samuel L. Jackson isn’t totally buying into the Steve Harvey charm, whether it’s his onstage persona or his off-screen vibe. We’ve caught hints of Jackson’s feelings over the years, but things really heated up recently when he spilled the tea about a run-in he had with Harvey a couple of years back.

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Remember those viral pics of Jackson and his girl hanging with Harvey and his ride-or-die at that bougie vacation spot? Everybody was thinking that these dudes must be tight. But plot twist: Samuel decided it was time to spill the tea. Turns out that yacht scene? Totally unplanned. “Steve Harvey, I hear y’all take vacations together on the yacht or something. Well, we get on the boat with Magic and Cookie. Steve and Marie have their own boat. So that mean y’all got room for me on that other boat? One year, we got a boat, and Lan and I got a boat, Cookie and Irvin had their boat, Steve had their boat. And that was this dope-ass picture that we took of all three yachts with a drone, going together. You see that? That’s some ball stuff right there. Wow, it was like, you know, it was a big rich black folk picture. Yeah, that’s what it sounds like. But it was so dope, man. That sounds amazing.” But yeah, we run into each other out there.

But now, according to Jackson, he and his girl were just cruising to their vac spot when they randomly bumped into Harvey and his boo. And let me tell you, Jackson’s expression was priceless as he dropped the bomb. This meetup with Steve? Pure coincidence. No Hollywood drama involved.

So why is Samuel L. Jackson not exactly vibing with Harvey? Well, it seems like their dynamic might trace back to Jackson’s bond with Bernie Mac. And guess who was Bernie’s wingman? Yep, you guessed it, Steve Harvey. If you haven’t been following Bernie Mac, let me tell you, it’s a wild ride. Dude would straight-up roast the crowd, leaving everyone in stitches. Back when these two were in the same comedy crew, Harvey seemed dead set on putting Bernie Mac on the sidelines. Pretty messed up, right? I mean, they were supposed to be a squad chasing success together. Word on the street is Harvey’s been self-centered since day one, and this ain’t just recent gossip. Word on the street is behind the scenes, Harvey wasn’t exactly playing nice, and he was always trying to steal Bernie Mac’s spotlight.

Flashback to the early 2000s. You remember the original Kings of Comedy show, right? Harvey, alongside D.L. Hughley, Cedric the Entertainer, and Bernie Mac, formed the dream team of comedy. They hit the road, smashed records, and made bank, leaving a serious mark on the comedy game. Harvey, with his slick moves and in-your-face banter, was seen as the smooth operator of the original Kings of Comedy. On the other hand, Bernie Mac’s style was more like a comedic roller coaster, diving deep into real-life issues with intense jokes. Now, rumor has it that Harvey might have been a tad jealous of Bernie’s unique vibe, and what started as a minor issue quickly spiraled into a full-blown feud.

It seems like those whispers about Harvey and Bernie Mac not exactly being besties during the Kings of Comedy tour might actually have some truth to them. Cedric recently spilled all the deets on Shannon Sharp’s podcast, revealing that the feud between Harvey and Bernie was more than just backstage gossip. It had real consequences, like stopping the Kings of Comedy crew from going on another tour. “Yeah, yeah. I mean, you know, they were the kind of guys that they both alpha males, you know, like, they just saw it different, you know what I’m saying? But at the end of the day, they were able to get through it. You guys, is that one of the reasons why you didn’t do the first part, the second part? I don’t think your–of course, that was definitely a contributing circumstance. But I also think that it had a lot to do with the promoter, oh, the thing, because he got a bigger head than all of us. So the dude that put us all together started to really think it was about him, you know, so it started to be that. So it was a lot of those kinds of elements in there where people just sometimes people just ruin it.”

Good back in 2003, Bernie Mac dropped some truth bombs in an interview with GQ Magazine, claiming that Harvey was straight-up jealous and tried to mess with his movie gigs. Of course, Steve couldn’t just let that slide, and in a 2010 interview, he opened up about how Bernie’s words hurt him. But here’s the kicker: fans weren’t entirely buying Steve’s side of the story.

Now, when you consider Samuel L. Jackson and Bernie Mac’s tight bond, it’s easy to see why Jackson might not be sending Steve Harvey any holiday cheer. These dudes weren’t just pals; they were practically family in the industry. So while you might remember them as bandmates on a wild journey to honor their lead

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