(X) “WATCH OUT” – Steve Harvey Openly THREATENS Monique & Katt Williams For Exposing His LIES

Steve Harvey Openly THREATENS Monique & Katt Williams For Exposing His LIES

Steve Harvey Openly THREATENS Monique & Katt Williams For Exposing His LIES

Steve Harvey has finally broken his silence on Katt Williams exposing his lies and it looks like Katt really struck a nerve because Steve is reportedly taking extreme measures to silence not just Katt, but also Monique who backed Katt’s comments and called out Steve for backstabbing fellow Black comedians…

During his appearance on Shannon Sharpe’s podcast, Club Shay Shay, Katt went on a passionate rant against several heavyweights in the comedy world, including Steve Harvey…

Katt claimed that Steve lied about being homeless, called him out for abandoning his first wife, routinely stole jokes, and he even alleged that Steve hated the late Bernie Mac and tried to sabotage his career out of jealousy…

Meanwhile, several industry figures backed Katt’s claim, including Ed Lover, Monique, and even Bernie Mac’s daughter…

And now Steve is firing back and warning Katt and Monique to keep his name out of their mouths or else… However, it looks like Steve’s reaction had the opposite effect and it only got people to show even more support to Katt and Monique…

But what exactly did Steve say in his response? And does this mean everything Katt and Monique said about Steve is true??

Let’s break it down!

In a shocking turn of events, the comedy world is ablaze with controversy

as legendary comedian Cat Williams took to the airwaves to expose fellow comedian and television personality Steve Harvey.

Williams, known for his no-holds-barred approach,

dropped bombshell allegations during a recent appearance on Shannon Sharp’s podcast, Club Shay.

Williams didn’t mince words, accusing Harvey of various transgressions, including stealing jokes, lying about being homeless, and attempting to sabotage the late Bernie Mack’s career out of jealousy. The revelations didn’t stop there, as Monique, another renowned comedian, backed Williams’ claims and accused Harvey of betraying fellow black comedians.

This unprecedented drama has sent shockwaves through the entertainment industry, with insiders now claiming that Steve Harvey is taking extreme measures to silence both Williams and Monique. Despite Harvey’s attempts to downplay the accusations, the backlash seems to be growing stronger.

Cat Williams’ explosive interview exposed long-standing grievances within the comedy community, revealing not only personal feuds but also shedding light on the industry’s cutthroat nature. Williams detailed instances where Harvey allegedly lied about being homeless and criticized him for presenting a flawless public image, which Williams vehemently disputed.

Monique, who has a history of tension with Harvey, joined the conversation, accusing him of backstabbing and prioritizing financial gain over principles. The comedian pointed to a past incident in 2009 when she claimed Harvey’s close friends Oprah Winfrey and Tyler Perry blacklisted her after she refused to work for free.

In response to the mounting allegations, Steve Harvey has broken his silence, reportedly threatening both Williams and Monique to keep his name out of their mouths. Harvey initially shared a video on social media advising on dealing with haters, and later alluded to the controversy on his radio show, warning listeners about deceptive storytelling.

The comedy community and fans, however, seem to be siding with Williams and Monique, asserting that Harvey’s defensive posture only validates the claims against him. Social media has been flooded with support for the accusers, with many criticizing Harvey for his alleged attempts to suppress the truth.

As the comedy world grapples with these explosive revelations, the industry is left questioning the authenticity of Harvey’s public persona and the extent of backstage drama that may exist among the comedy elite. The fallout from this scandal is sure to have lasting repercussions, reshaping the way the public views these beloved entertainers.

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