(xt) Potential WrestleMania 40 Clash: 2 Reasons Why Dwayne Johnson versus Roman Reigns Might Face Cancellation Amid Recent Online Outcry

WWE has found itself in hot waters again. And no, backstage controversies don’t play a part in this recent fiasco. Instead, it concerns a booking decision.

As Cody Rhodes walked out of the ring after allowing The Rock to fight Roman Reigns instead, it felt as if he wasn’t just walking out of the ring but also walking out of the opportunity to fulfill his father’s dream of being a WWE champion and completing his story.

It felt as if he walked out on the hopes of the fans who rallied to his support for the past two years. And this time, their patience has run out.

Fans are already booing loudly in arenas, speaking against the decision on social media, and even giving the WWE their most disliked video on YouTube. With such a backlash, will the WWE cancel The Rock vs Reigns WrestleMania match? What are the scenarios that may lead to such a decision? Let’s find out.

Dwayne Johnson can alter the match once again to maintain his reputation

Dwayne Johnson has always maintained a spotless public image and loves to be a gentle giant. There is a reason why he is called ‘The People’s Champion’.

But what would happen if people rallied against him instead? That is something the ‘Brahma Bull ‘would not want at all.

Johnson has been very particular about his PR, and siding with the WWE on such a booking that goes against the wishes of the fans might be something he would discuss with Triple H and others around him.

So it wouldn’t be shocking to see if he decided to walk out of the match and give Cody Rhodes the chance to fight the Tribal Chief instead. That would work wonders for his public image and can also be used as an angle.

Since Reigns enjoys the numbers advantage with Sikoa and Jimmy Uso by his side, The Rock can help the American Nightmare win the title by being on his side and fighting off the other members of The Bloodline when they try to interfere.

WWE could emulate the YES! movement

Back in 2014, a single word, “Yes” became the symbol of defiance in the WWE Universe. Fans were desperate to see Daniel Bryan reach the top and win the WWE Championship. But come WrestleMania season, a returning Dave Batista won the Royal Rumble setting up a match against Randy Orton. But then the fans had their say.

What is now known as the ‘Yes!’ movement began as fans and Bryan hijacked the shows with the chants.

Finally at WrestleMania XXX Bryan would first face Triple H and beat him to win a shot at the title and later he emerged victorious against Randy Orton and Batista on the same night.

Bryan got the opportunity due to fans rallying behind him and forcing WWE to change their initial plans.

Could fans force WWE’s hand once again after a decade? A vocal fan backlash could lead WWE to emulate the Yes! movement and give Rhodes the chance to finish his story.

What do you think? What is the possibility of these scenarios? Let us know in the comments.

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