(xt) 4 Predictions for The Rock and Roman Reigns following their tension on WWE SmackDown – Huge betrayal at WrestleMania 40?

The Rock and Roman Reigns may have unresolved issues.The Rock and Roman Reigns may have unresolved issues.

The Rock and Roman Reigns have come together for a common cause: they want to preserve their family’s legacy and eradicate all threats to its supremacy. The current biggest threat is the heroic and resilient duo of Cody Rhodes and Seth “Freakin” Rollins.

The High Chief and The Tribal Chief were seemingly on the same page, but the WWE Universe felt a ton of tension in the ring on the latest episode of SmackDown.

The Unified WWE Universal Champion almost coerced his cousin into acknowledging. Rocky hesitated but eventually obliged. It should also be noted that Reigns was visibly agitated with The Rock’s popularity.

Following the interaction, we will look at four potential directions for both megastars in the coming month.

#4. Roman Reigns holds a Bloodline acknowledgment ceremony

The tension between The Rock and Roman Reigns only escalated when the latter demanded acknowledgment. In The Great One’s defense, he was the bigger star and didn’t have to accede to The Tribal Chief’s desires.

Although it was somewhat honorable of Rocky to swallow his pride, The Head of The Table may still not be satisfied. He could doubt the Hollywood Superstar’s allegiances to the family, and to assess his loyalty, Reigns could hold a Bloodline acknowledgment ceremony.

The champion could invite the elders of The Anoa’i Family, The Wild Samoans, Rikishi, Solo Sikoa, Paul Heyman, and Jimmy Uso. Other less prominent figures could also be in attendance to increase the magnitude of the occasion.

The brash Tribal Chief could then demand a genuine and heartfelt acknowledgment from The High Chief. This could provide another plot twist as we cut deep into the Rock-Reigns saga.

#3. The Rock and Roman Reings remain united

Maybe this was just a random tease with no future significance. For the sake of their family’s pride and The Bloodline, The Rock and Roman Reigns will swallow their pride for the greater good.

Perhaps Reigns could apologize for his arrogant behavior, or Rocky may return the favor by demanding acknowledgment from his younger cousin. Either way, both could remain cordial and maintain a truce, albeit temporarily, to put down Cody Rhodes and Seth Rollins.

This would naturally reduce the drama but could undoubtedly elevate the heel heat The Bloodline currently possesses.

#2. The Tribal Chief turns on The High Chief after losing to Cody Rhodes and Seth Rollins

The most logical reason for dropping the tease on SmackDown was to lay the foundation for The Rock vs. Roman Reigns in the foreseeable future. CodyMania may have postponed the dream match for now, but WWE could revisit it in 2024.

Either way, the seeds have been sown. If The Bloodline is to lose at WrestleMania: Night One, The Hollywood megastar is more likely to eat the pinfall. When the predicted loss occurs, a frustrated Tribal Chief could order and execute a heinous assault on The Brahma Bull.

This would kill two birds with one stone, immediately garnering sympathy for Rocky and turning him into babyface; the eventual Rock-Roman match would have genuine heat and significance.

#1. Roman Reigns ejects The Rock from The Bloodline after their win at WrestleMania: Night 1

The Tribal Chief has a massive ego and cannot handle someone having more spotlight than him. Thus, he may turn on his cousin even if they win their bout against Rhodes and Rollins at ‘Mania.

The catch is that this would backfire the following night when he defends the Undisputed WWE Universal Title against The American Nightmare. The Rock announced that if The Bloodline won, the eventual clash between Rhodes and Reigns would occur on his family’s terms.

Using his powerful position, The Great One could anoint himself as a Special Guest Referee and help Rhodes finish his story. Rocky could also neutralize the rest of The Bloodline.

Receiving the megastar’s validation could be an excellent way to put Rhodes over. Secondly, it will also set up The Rock-Reigns clash.

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