(xt) 4 reasons why The Rock is the last member of The Bloodline

The Rock acknowledged Roman Reigns on the latest episode of SmackDown.The Rock acknowledged Roman Reigns on the latest episode of WWE SmackDown


The Bloodline saga added a new wrinkle once The Rock allied with his family. The family angle has been the top storyline in WWE ever since Roman Reigns won the Universal title in the summer of 2020.

In that time, he has ruled over WWE SmackDown, with his family by his side. In that time, the Usos won and lost the Undisputed WWE Tag Team titles.

Solo Sikoa joined the faction to help preserve Reigns’ title run. Paul Heyman has acted as a mouthpiece for the group when The Tribal Chief hasn’t appeared on shows.

The latest wrinkle has involved The Rock. What started as opposition turned into The Great One joining the historic faction. The iconic superstar is likely the final member of the group for the next four reasons.

#4 There aren’t any other male family members on the current roster

To date, The Bloodline has only included male stars. If the group continues that operating procedure, then The Rock is the final member to join the group.

Nia Jax, Tamina, and Naomi are also a part of the legendary Anoa’i family but have been kept out of the storyline so far. Tama Tonga has been linked to joining WWE after leaving New Japan Pro-Wrestling.

Zilla Fatu (Umaga’s son) and Jacob Fatu are both free agents. Each, however, has a criminal past that may be a deterrent for their hiring. With so many more intriguing stars on the roster than ever, it stands to reason that no other star could match The Rock’s joining the Bloodline.

#3 Members have already gone their own ways

After Sami Zayn defected from the group, Jey Uso was the next member to branch out on his own. He grew close to Zayn and was conflicted as the group tormented The Honorary Uce. It ultimately led his path away from his family.

While Roman was away from television and the group, Jimmy did whatever he wanted, rather than awaiting instructions from The Tribal Chief. Paul Heyman tried to reign him in, but Jimmy was admonished when Roman returned.

How long will he fall in line? Will Solo get tired of being The Tribal Heir? Sami and Jey already defected, so Solo and Jimmy could see the light and want to do things on their own. The Rock is also known for doing things his way.

#2 Adding members hasn’t always paid off for Roman

Sami Zayn indirectly began the breakup of The BloodlineSami Zayn indirectly began the breakup of The Bloodline

The group first started to include actual members of Roman’s real-life family. Jey and Jimmy have teamed with The Tribal Chief in the past. After battling both of his cousins, they eventually fell in line.

Sami Zayn started as a fanboy who was trying to ride the coattails of The Bloodline. Once he started hanging around more with Jimmy and Jey, they both cultivated different relationships with Zayn.

Solo Sikoa simply showed up in Cardiff to cost Drew McIntyre. While those additions paid off at most points, both Jey and Sami ended up fracturing the group. The Rock transcends the WWE and could do even more damage.

He even comes out to his own music for segments with The Bloodline. Roman could finally realize that just letting people in The Bloodline doesn’t pay off for him in the long run.

#1 The end game for the angle is in sight with The Rock

Is everything as happy as it seems on the surface for the Bloodline?Is everything as happy as it seems on the surface for the Bloodline?
As mentioned above, The Bloodline saga began once Roman Reigns won the Universal Championship and turned heel in 2020. Along the way, Jimmy, Jey, Solo, and Sami all joined up for the ride.

With over three years of storytelling, it’s time for the stars to move on and do other things. Most of WWE’s angles last for a few months as they build towards a live event.

In terms of The Bloodline saga, it’s entering the ninth inning of the story. The Rock is essentially the closer, and what he does at WrestleMania 40 could set the faction on the path to finally disbanding.

The group has been on top for three years, so it’s time for a change at the top. It could start in Philadelphia with Cody Rhodes winning the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship from Reigns.

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