(xt) A 26-year callback, blockbuster WWE return, new blood – 4 ways The Rock can take over The Bloodline from Roman Reigns

Will the Rock be willing to be in a group where he isnWill the Rock be willing to be in a group where he isn’t the de facto leader?

The WWE feud between Roman Reigns’ Bloodline and The Rock seemed like it would be a power struggle between good and evil. The timing and how it was handled, however, completely changed the dynamic of how things have currently played out.

Instead of being the beloved face toppling the tyrannical Tribal Chief, The Rock turned heel and joined the Bloodline. Had the timing been different, the angle could have gone as planned.

Since both The Rock and Roman are now aligned, however, it may only be a matter of time before the two alpha males butt heads. Will Rock acknowledge Reigns as the leader, or will he try to take the group over for himself? If he does, it could happen in the four following ways.

#4. The Rock repeats history after 26 years

It didn't take long for the Rock to take over the Nation of Domination from Farooq.It didn’t take long for the Rock to take over the Nation of Domination from Farooq.
Things turned around for The Rock when he turned heel and joined the Nation of Domination. The fans had rejected the bubbly, smiling face Rocky presented when he first debuted for WWE.

As he grew as a performer and the Nation grew, the writing was on the wall. It wasn’t long before the Rock took over the group from the inside, becoming an even bigger star.

Since WWE has acknowledged past continuity, it would make sense to call back to when he took over the Nation of Domination from Farooq. Someone could even warn Reigns about that history.

#3. Rikishi returns to join the Bloodline saga

Hall of Famer Rikishi has been a silent part of the Bloodline angle. While he’s related to both the Rock and Roman, the Usos and Solo Sikoa are his children. He may return at some point to address what’s happened.

Standing up for his children would be one route since Roman has berated them all at one point or another. Rikishi could also return to support The Tribal Chief’s action since that person has the final say in their culture.

If Rikishi does come back, it could be to side with the Rock. He once attacked ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin for Rocky and may still be loyal to him. That would help The People’s Champion sway the Usos and Solo.

#2. The Rock recruits some new blood

If Rock does try to take over the Bloodline, he could take a page out of Iyo Sky’s book. While she remained loyal to Bayley, she slowly took the group over by adding Asuka and Kairi Sane.

The People’s Champion could slowly do the same while building to a potential match. The Bloodline angle has been long-term storytelling, so Rocky could add people like Zilla (Umaga’s son) and Jacob Fatu to the group.

Zilla could claim that the Samoan Spike is his and not Solo’s to use. Jacob Fatu is currently a free agent and a part of the Anoa’i clan.

He could also recruit Naomi, Tamina, and/or Nia Jax to his group since the current version doesn’t have any female members. It would give both Jax and Naomi a bigger role going forward. The two groups could then face off or merge under the leadership of The Rock.

#1. The Rock challenges Roman Reigns to Tribal Combat

WWE could again use Tribal Combat to settle Bloodline business.WWE could again use Tribal Combat to settle Bloodline business.
The easiest way to take over the Bloodline from within would be to use something the fans have already seen. At SummerSlam 2023, Jey Uso challenged Roman Reigns to Tribal Combat.

It was supposed to be a simple one-on-one disqualification match where no one could interfere until after a decision. That didn’t happen, as Jimmy and Solo Sikoa both interfered. The no-disqualification stipulation could help the Rock pace out the match rather than wrestle a 25-30-minute technical clinic.

Since The Rock transcends WWE, some current members of the group may be inclined to support The Great One. It could also lead to a fair fight, unlike between Jey and Roman.

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