(xt) Are Roman Reigns and Tama Tonga related? Exploring their relationship amid WWE debut rumors

Looking at Roman Reigns and Tama TongaLooking at Roman Reigns and Tama Tonga’s rich history

Roman Reigns is known to be part of one of the biggest wrestling dynasties there is, the Anoa’i family. He is related to some of the biggest names in the sport, like The Rock, The Usos, Yokozuna, and much more. However, the case is different for Tama Tonga.

Alipate Aloisio Leone, best known as Tama Tonga in the wrestling world, made his name known while working for NJPW since 2010 and for being one of the founding members of the Bullet Club. He wrestled his final match in the promotion at The New Beginning in Sapporo: Night 2, and many believe he is en route to WWE. While many theorize that he could join Roman Reigns if it happens, it doesn’t mean they are related.

Roman Reigns and Tama Tonga are not related, though they are still connected. Tonga is from the Tonga community, while Roman is of Samoan descent, but they both share Polynesian roots. What makes both stars connected is that the career of Tama’s uncle and adoptive father, Haku, has crossed paths with the legendary Anoa’i family. Although not blood-related, they treat each other as family, with The Rock and Roman even referring to Haku as their uncle.

What interesting history do Roman Reigns and Tama Tonga have?

The Bloodline recently welcomed The Rock as their newest memberThe Bloodline recently welcomed The Rock as their newest member

Roman Reigns and Tama Tonga may not have crossed paths in the wrestling ring yet, but they are not completely strangers to each other. However, their interactions haven’t always been positive.

In 2018, both men had a social media exchange, which ended with Tonga inviting The Tribal Chief to the NJPW ring to test the latter’s skills. Despite this, it seems like they have settled their differences.

In an exclusive interview with Sportskeeda Wrestling in 2020, Tama Tonga had no problems being compared to Roman Reigns. He also acknowledged their social media exchanges and stated they were “all good.”

Could Tama Tonga join Roman Reigns and the rest of The Bloodline?

As mentioned above, Tama and Roman are not blood-related, but that doesn’t mean they don’t consider each other family. Interestingly, they view each other so closely that they might even join forces. As per the latest report from Wrestling Observer Radio, Tama will most likely join The Bloodline at some point, as the group considers him family.

It would be interesting to see if the former NJPW star will indeed be the next person to join The Bloodline in WWE soon.

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