(xt) Cardi B accuses Tasha K of stashing cash in offshore accounts, is determined to get her money from Tasha K by any means necessary

If you thought Cardi B would let Tasha K slide on paying up, think again.

The “Money” rapper has green on her mind, and while the blogger claims she doesn’t have it due to filing for bankruptcy, Cardi B isn’t swayed.

According to Radar Online, the Grammy winner believes Tasha K hides money in an offshore account.

While Tasha K claims she is broke, having only $50K-$100K to her name –including a 2021 Chevrolet Silverado, home furniture, $500 worth of electronics, $2,500 worth of clothes, and 2 Louis Vuitton purses– and liabilities that range from $1 million to $10 million, the “WAP” performer is not convinced.
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In a new motion, Cardi B claims she has discovered that the blogger –who Kevin Hart is currently suing for civil extortion– is hiding undisclosed finances.

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As a result, the rapper is seeking a third-party witness named Patricia Haynes to comply with a subpoena, who she believes has information regarding trusts created by Tasha K and her husband, Cheickna Kebe.

Cardi said that “during the course of discovery” in the bankruptcy that Tasha K filed, she had found “the existence of multiple domestic and offshore trusts that were not disclosed, including at least one trust to which it appears $30,000 was transferred.”
Additionally, the “WAP” performer said Tasha “failed to disclose the existence of and/or testified untruthfully about the following” — The Sambakessi Investment Trust (Cook Islands), Soninkes LLC (Island of Nevis), The Bamako Trust (Kebe Children ILT) (Georgia), Transrina Management Trust (Georgia), and the Florida Joint Revocable Living Trust.

“Because neither the Debtor nor her husband Cheickna Kebe have testified truthfully regarding the existence of their trusts, Movant is forced to seek information regarding them elsewhere, including from Ms. Haynes – who is inexplicably and obviously attempting to evade service, even though she clearly has actual notice of the Subpoena,” explained Cardi B’s lawyer.

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Cardi B’s beef with the YouTube content creator dates back to 2019 after the blogger claimed the rapper was previously an escort, had used drugs, and that she had an STD.

Cardi B filed a defamation lawsuit against her and was vindicated after she submitted medical records to the court.
In 2022, a jury favored Cardi B with a $4 million verdict.
But in a turn of events, Tasha K filed for bankruptcy while listing the multi-million dollar sum owed to the rapper, citing she did not have the money to pay her.

As we can see, this feud is ongoing, and a judge has yet to rule.

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