(xt) Cardi B is NOT PLAYING! She takes legal action to drains OVER 70% from Offsets account: She is wiser, he is broke!

Cardi B Takes Decisive Action in Divorce, Draining Over 70% of Offset’s Account.Cardi B has made a bold move in her ongoing divorce from Offset, reportedly taking legal measures to separate herself financially, leaving Offset with minimal assets.

Cardi B Is NOT PLAYING|Drains OVER 70% From Offsets Account|Guess She Took Akbars Advice… - YouTube

Recent reports suggest that this divorce could escalate into one of the most acrimonious battles in hip-hop history.

Amidst the public fallout between Cardi B and Offset, there are claims that Cardi has removed over 70% of the funds from Offset’s accounts, significantly impacting his financial standing.

Stream Cardi B - Bodak Yellow (SlopFunkDust Remix) by SlopFunkDust | Listen online for free on SoundCloudAccording to insiders, while both artists accumulated wealth during their marriage, the majority of the assets now belong to Cardi.

Cardi B is known for her prudent approach to money, emphasizing saving and investing.

In contrast, Offset has been described as someone who spends extravagantly.

The financial imbalance, coupled with Cardi’s decision to secure her assets, reportedly leaves Offset in a less affluent position than he portrays.

Offset issues heartfelt apology to Cardi B with new video: 'All I want for my birthday is my wife' | Daily Mail Online

Additionally, Cardi has allegedly taken ownership of the properties they shared, including homes in Atlanta and New Jersey.

Offset, currently residing in a rented mansion in Los Angeles, is said to face financial challenges without Cardi’s financial support.

Amidst these financial developments, the drama surrounding Offset’s involvement with Jade, the woman he cheated on Cardi with, continues to unfold.

Offset’s sister urged people to let him “cheat in peace,” highlighting the financial stability he has enjoyed in the relationship.

The situation has drawn attention on social media, with Offset’s publicized grievances about the use of Takeoff’s name and Jade’s taunting posts.

Meanwhile, Cardi’s ex-best friend, Abbar, has shared her perspective, criticizing Offset’s behavior and expressing her support for Cardi.

As the divorce saga unfolds, the spotlight remains on Cardi B’s decisive financial actions and the potential ramifications for Offset, setting the stage for a high-profile and contentious legal battle in the world of hip-hop.

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