(xt) Cody Rhodes to trick The Rock and Roman Reigns on SmackDown this week? Potential secret alliance explored Video!

Cody Rhodes will face Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 40Cody Rhodes will face Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 40

With WrestleMania 40 around the corner, fans are excited to see Cody Rhodes finish his story.

However, while The American Nightmare is a favorite to do the same, he has obstacles like The Rock and The Bloodline in his path. Naturally, these are big obstacles and could massively hamper Rhodes’ plans.

Hence, on the upcoming episode of WWE SmackDown, Rhodes could play a trick on The Rock and Roman Reigns.

The American Nightmare could cut a promo in which he reveals that he has reached out to a member of the Anoa’i family to restore order and bring an end to The Rock’s plots.

However, just when The Great One and Reigns most likely won’t believe him, Cody Rhodes could bring about the return of Rikishi.

The reason why Rikishi might help Rhodes can be attributed to one of his recent statements on his podcast. Rikishi had said he would love to see Rhodes finish his story at WrestleMania 40.

While the WWE legend added that Reigns might be a better choice business-wise, him speaking about Rhodes finishing the story can be indicative of an involvement from his side.

Another angle could be a throwback to his famous involvement in The Rock-Stone Cold Steve Austin rivalry, where he confessed ‘He did it for The Rock,’ only this time he could switch sides for his own sons in a plot to takeover The Bloodline.

While this angle is speculative, if Rikishi does something like this, it will be interesting to see the reactions of Roman Reigns and The Rock.

Wrestling veteran says he would like to see RAW Superstar turn his back on Cody Rhodes

When one looks at the feud between Cody Rhodes and Roman Reigns, it seems the former is alone on the path. But, that’s not the case. On Monday Night RAW, The American Nightmare has found an ally in Seth Rollins. However, according to many fans, The Visionary might turn his back on Rhodes eventually.

While the majority of the WWE Universe wouldn’t want to see an angle like this, WWE legend Bully Ray seems comfortable with the possibility of Rollins betraying Cody Rhodes. Bully felt an angle like this would only help in extending Rhodes’ story. He said:

“I like the idea of Seth sc***ing Cody over because it extends Cody’s story. If they decided to have Seth Rollins sc**w over Cody, I wouldn’t have a problem with it because it would make sense. Once the story’s over, the story’s over. Now, we’re relying on Cody to carry the company for however long.”

If Seth Rollins ends up betraying Cody Rhodes, the latter will literally face plenty of difficulties ahead of WrestleMania 40. Hence, the majority of the WWE Universe will hope something like that does not take place.

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