(xt) Roman Reigns has made a statement in every outing in WWE

Roman Reigns has made a statement in every outing in WWE

Roman Reigns has made a statement in every outing in WWE

Roman Reigns always seems to have a Plan B in mind with The Bloodline, as he has managed to extend his Undisputed WWE Universal Championship run for a record reign. A former superstar thinks that another one of Roman’s cousins may be heading to The Bloodline.

AJ Francis, aka Top Dolla, was released from WWE for a second time in September 2023. The former superstar knows a thing or two about Jacob Fatu, who has become a big name on the independent circuit.

Jacob is Roman Reigns’ cousin, and many believe that he could head to WWE to join the villainous faction. He is currently working with MLW and NJPW.

In an interview with Wrestling Inc., AJ Francis talked about the chances of Jacob Fatu heading to the Stamford-based wrestling promotion and joining his cousins. He also stated his desire to face the star once before he heads to WWE.

“Jacob’s great, man. Obviously, they say he’s supposed to join The Bloodline. I can see that. I also don’t think that he needs to join a crew. I think that he can handle it himself, but he’s a hot free agent.
I hope he gets an opportunity to show what he’s capable of, like he’s been doing for years. I hope that I get a chance to face him before he goes up to that three letter company in the sky,” AJ Francis said.

Fans will have to wait and see when Jacob Fatu appears in the Stamford-based wrestling promotion. He could easily become one of the top members of The Bloodline alongside Roman Reigns.

Jacob Fatu wants to work with Roman Reigns in WWE

The Bloodline has been dominating WWE for a couple of years now. The Rock’s inclusion in the faction has made it the talk of the wrestling industry once again.

Jacob Fatu was asked by a fan whether he would like to work with Roman Reigns. The MLW star replied saying that they’ve always worked together, showing his interest in the pairing.


It’d be great to see the faction recruit another member as Roman Reigns continues to break records. There is nothing that can stop The Tribal Chief from becoming the best of all time.

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