(xt) The Rock to add a major twist to Roman Reigns and Cody Rhodes’ story? Analyzing the hint

The RockThe Rock is set to appear in tonight’s episode of Blue brand along with Bloodline.

The Rock is gearing up to make another gigantic presence in tonight’s episode of WWE SmackDown along with Roman Reigns and the Bloodline. This will mark the first appearance of the People’s Champion since officially joining the Samoan faction during the previous episode of the blue brand’s show.

However, recently a major hint dropped regarding a potential twist to Roman Reigns and Cody Rhodes’ story at the hands of the People’s Champion. The probable hint was dropped by Brian Gewirtz, who has been assisting with The Rock’s creative process in the Stamford-based promotion. Previous reports also disclosed that Brian is heavily involved in the current landscape of the Great One in the company.

The former WWE writer recently posted a gif of DC Comic’s Joker on his official X (formerly Twitter) account with this message – “and here we go”. Since this cryptic drop occurred just hours before tonight’s SmackDown, many fans believed that this might be a conceivable indication of Seth Rollins’ major involvement in Rhodes’ and Reigns’ storyline.

Since, the introduction of Rollins’ current character, fans have compared him with Joker’s character. Additionally, as Seth Rollins is advertised for tonight’s episode of SmackDown, it seems highly likely, that he might be involved in a segment with the Samoan faction, due to his alignment with Cody Rhodes.

It will be intriguing to see what will happen in tonight’s edition of the blue brand’s show, as we are merely a few weeks away from WrestleMania XL.

The Rock disclosed his interaction with Cody Rhodes backstage at the WrestleMania Press event

Just moments before tonight’s SmackDown, the Rock uploaded a long video clip on his official Instagram account where the People’s Champion discussed the multiple aspects of Rhodes and his story.

In this video, the Great One also disclosed his interaction with the American Nightmare in Las Vegas before their ‘Mania press event where Cody challenges Roman Reigns for WrestleMania 40. The Hollywood star stated:

“I saw you in Las Vegas. I saw you backstage, 20 feet away. Rock dapped you up, gave you a hug. Did you say anything to The Rock then?. “Hey Rock, I got something on my mind”. “Yeah tell me about it”. “Hey Rock! I got something that’s eating me up inside”. “Cody go ahead, tell me about it. Let’s walk over there. Let’s talk in private. Come and tell me about it.” Did you say any of that? No! You didn’t say a thing!” said The Rock [11:34-11:57]

You can check the full video of The Rock below:

The villainous character of the WWE legend is indeed something fans never expected to witness in the year 2024. Many fans also feel nostalgic as this current character is almost similar to the Hollywood Rock persona from decades ago.

What do you think is going to go down on SmackDown tonight? Will there be any further surprises for the WWE Universe? Sound off in the comments section below!

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